This is How Disney World Decorates for Holidays on a Behind-the-Scenes Tour!

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    Christmas at Walt Disney World is a very special time of year. The holidays at Disney World include a whole lot of different things – special events in the parks, beautiful decorations in the resorts and a couple of special tours.

    In the days immediately following Halloween at Disney World, guests witness a sudden, magical transformation like no other as the giant Mickey pumpkins and spooky decor are swiftly replaced by yuletide cheer.

    ‘Tis The Season for Celebration!

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    How, though, does Disney complete the transformation so quickly, completely, and with such precision?

    Guests curious about how Disney brings the holidays to life can find some of the answers they seek in two special, behind-the-scene tours that only take place during the Christmas season. Disney’s Yuletide Fantasy and Disney’s Holiday D-Lights tours are offered on select dates during November and December, and both VIP experiences offer Christmas fanatics a glimpse at the wiring behind Disney’s epic festivities.

    Disney’s Yuletide Fantasy, a three-and-a-half-hour tour, offers guests an in-depth look at how Disney parks are decked out for the season. This year, visitors can “head backstage and get the scoop on the staggering logistics involved in the winter-time transformation.”

    Castles Around Disney Worlds are Transformed!

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    Participants will be treated to a close-up look at the decorations on Main Street, U.S.A., an exploration of how holidays are celebrated around the globe at Epcot’s World Showcase, and a visit to a Disney resort hotel where they’ll learn how the festive holiday atmosphere is created through decor. They’ll even visit with Disney’s “elves,” or the Holiday Services Cast Members who actually create the decorations for the parks.

    Plus, guests will be sent off with a special treat and holiday keepsake. The entire experience is just $99 per person!

    The Streets Are Decorated With Christmas Paraphernalia!

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    For a more limited, luxurious experience, guests can also opt for the ‘Holiday D-Lights Tour’, which is $259 per person and only runs for 12 festive nights during the season.

    Although this tour is more expensive, guests are in for a whole lot more cheer. The five-hour tour starts with a family-style barbecue dinner at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, followed by the chance to go backstage at two Disney parks to see how holiday decor is brought to life.

    While the holidays may prove to be an insanely hectic time in the Disney parks, these backstage tours could prove to be the magical, peaceful solace your family is looking for this season. Reservations can be made by calling Walt Disney World Tours.