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10+ Disney Inspired Tattoos That’ll Make You Wish You Had A Bae

Tattooing each other’s names is so last year. 

Actually it is never a good idea to tattoo your significant others name on yourself unless you have been together for so many years that you’ve lost count or they died. I know that’s grim but it’s the truth.

Every day so many people regret getting a name on themselves and then they regret it for the rest of their lives or have to spend a lot more money to either get it removed or covered up.

However, stupid it may be to get matching tattoos with your significant other, at least the following ones are creative. Rather than just tattooing each other names these ones are Disney inspired and can stand alone and still look absolutely beautiful.

So if you’re here for some tattoo inspiration, scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Infinity and beyond.

Via apassiondisney

#2 Bambi and a heart.

Via tattooist_doy

#3 Pooh and Piglet.

Via andyarchertattooist

#4 Prince Eric and the little mermaid. 

Via f**kyoumydarling

#5 The Disney castle.

Via famoushuskies

#6 Tinkerbell and Peterpan.

Via christos_soze

#7 Mickey mouse ears.

Via colorful_inf

#8 Watercolor Minnie and Mickey.

Via therisingtidetattoocollective

#9 Happily ever after.

Via dan.shepp

#10 Heart and the key.

Via xochtattoo

#11 Grim Cinderella story.

Via emsouthie

#12 Meg and Hercules.

Via boscostattoosxsouthstreet

#13 Big Hero.

Via daisymaespain

#14 Minnies kissing each other.

Via samusamuel

#15 EVE and Wall-E.

Via jusincero

#16 Daisy and Donald Duck.

Via jessink_tattoos

#17 Minnie and Mickey’s hairpieces.

Via openmindtony.tattoos

#18 Beauty and the Beast.

Via wildtattoo_

#19 Intricate Mickey ears.

Via famoushuskies

#20 The house from UP.

Via fornarijen

#21 Nightmare before Christmas.

Via mamabear_1211

#22 Mickey gloves.

Via duasegitiga_tattoo

#23 Lilo and Stitch.

Via ladychappelletattoos

#24 Mickey and Minnie.

Via grumposaur.s_tattoos

#25 Nala and Simba. 

Via sabino_black_mirror

#26 Mickey and Minnie silhouettes. 


#27 Pumba and Timon. 

Via royalfleshtattoo

#28 Colored Minnie and Mickey.

Via tattooslover_23

#29 Beauty and the Beast outlines.

Via youyounicorn

#30 Jack Skellington and Sally. 

Via makmakloreal

Did you fall in love with any of these tattoos? If so comment down below and let us know which one did you like the most.