Lee Sun-Kyun Dropped From ‘No Way Out’ Amid Police Probe Into Suspected Drug Use

Lee Sun-kyun, the actor best known internationally for his Oscar-winning role in the Korean film Parasite, has been dropped from an upcoming black comedy series called No Way Out in which he was expected to play a detective. Additionally, South Korea has endured a recent surge in drug-related crimes – particularly within the entertainment industry. This has fans worried and disappointed, with a lot of them rushing to social media to express it.

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What did the studio say about Lee Sun-Kyun’s removal from ‘No Way Out’?

On Monday, producer Studio X+U issued a statement indicating that it was considering several options to replace Lee after word came that he was under investigation investigated by authorities for suspected drug usage. “Following an unfortunate incident last week with the actor Lee Sun-Kyun, he expressed that it would take a considerable amount of time to sort out the current situation and that he will inevitably drop out,” from acting in the project, noted the statement. “The company reached an agreement with Lee’s agency and respects the actor’s position. Shooting will continue as scheduled, and there will be no further delay.” 

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“We sincerely apologize for any distress caused by the reports regarding actor Lee Sun-Kyun. We are currently verifying facts around the allegations and will continue to work diligently with law enforcement agencies in any investigations that may be conducted.” 

Hodu & U, Lee Sun-Kyun’s agency

What do we know about Lee Sun-Kyun’s drug investigation?

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency initiated an investigation last week into eight individuals, including Lee, on suspicions of drug use in local pubs and their houses. There was also conjecture that Lee had used narcotics with the children of the CEO of an industrial company listed by the police, but the actor’s counsel stated on Monday via a local newswire that Lee did not know them. The actor’s lawyers, on the other hand, neither confirmed nor denied Lee’s drug use, stating “it’s difficult to say” whether Lee had used the illicit substances, adding that the star “will cooperate with the police investigation in a faithful manner.”

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