‘The Black Phone 2’: Release Date Finally Announced

Universal Pictures has finally announced the release date for the next installment coming after the fan-favorite horror film The Black Phone, and right around spooky season too! Here’s what we know about the premiere date for the horror sequel:

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When will ‘The Black Phone 2’ be released?

Universal Pictures has confirmed that the sequel to Scott Derrickson and Blumhouse’s hit 2022 horror film The Black Phone will debut on June 27, 2025. Building on the success of the original which follows Finney, a shy but clever 13-year-old boy abducted by a sadistic killer played by Ethan Hawke, the The Black Phone 2 is planned for a wide release in the summer of 2025, after its predecessor grossed over $160 million worldwide.

Source: Universal Pictures

What is ‘The Black Phone’ about?

Within the confines of the soundproof basement where screaming goes unheard, a phone begins to ring. To Finney, portrayed by Mason Thames, a 13-year-old boy who was kidnapped, it’s nothing short of a miracle. To his surprise, the voices of the killer’s previous victims are heard coming from the phone. Determined to prevent the same horrific fate from befalling Finney, they vow to warn and guide him so that he may escape. The Black Phone also stars Jeremy Davis and Madeleine McGraw, and it reunited Hawke with the filmmakers and producer of another early Blumhouse small-scale success story, Sinister, in 2012.

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