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What Happens If You Replace Leonardo Dicaprio With Disney Princes In All His Movies?

Leonardo Dicaprio is an excellent actor.

He’s done his part in many movies with greatness that meant he would go down in history no matter what. For the longest time, the public clamoured for his Oscar win, and when he finally got one, the internet exploded.

Dicaprio is loved by many, not just for his marathon in earning an Oscar but his excellent acting and his ability to carry a film to perfection. There’s a reason why everyone knows who he is, and why he’s such a household name.

But you know what else is famous and known by almost everyone? Disney. Isiah Stephens and the Cosmopolitan got together to create these stunning pieces of work, and they’ll be the best thing you’ve seen all day, I guarantee it.

Source: Isiah Stephens | Cosmopolitan

#1 Gangs of New York – Kristoff and Anna

Gangs of New York

#2 The Beach – Eric and Ariel

The Beach

#3 The Man In The Iron Mask – Phillip and Aurora

The Man In The Iron Mask

#4 Catch Me If You Can – Hercules, Megara, and the Muses.

Catch Me If You Can

#5 The Great Gatsby – Aladdin and Jasmine

The Great Gatsby

#6 The Basketball Diaries – Milo


#7 Romeo + Juliet – Li Shang and Mulan


#8 Titanic – John Smith and Pocahontas.


#9 The Revenant – Tarzan and a really angry bear.

The Revenant

#10 The Wolf Of Wallstreet – Naveen and Tiana

The Wolf Of Wallstreet