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Adam Devine’s Provocative Take: Did Marvel Superheroes Knock Out the Laughs?

Adam Devine Says Marvel Movies ‘Ruined Comedies’

Adam Devine is stirring the pot with his recent theory about the impact of Marvel movies on the world of comedy. The actor has raised eyebrows by suggesting that the rise of superhero films might have had an unexpected consequence: the decline of comedic movies.

Marvel’s Impact on Comedy: Adam Devine Suggests Superhero Movies Have Altered Hollywood’s Humor Landscape

During a recent appearance on a podcast, Adam Devine delved into his thoughts on the state of comedy in Hollywood.

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The actor, known for his role in “The Righteous Gemstones,” expressed that while TV comedies maintain their quality, the same cannot be said for movie comedies.

Devine proposed a theory, suggesting that the rise of superhero movies, particularly those with massive budgets like Marvel’s productions, may have changed audience expectations and preferences, leading to a decline in demand for traditional comedies.

Adam Devine Discusses How Marvel Movies Affected Comedy and the Decrease in Studio Comedies

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“My theory is I think, I think like Marvel ruined it. I feel like superhero movies kind of ruined comedies. Because people go to the theater and you expect to watch something that costs $200 million to make and comedy movies aren’t that.”

Adam Devine

Devine brought up how Marvel films incorporate humor, pointing to characters like the talking raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. He also highlighted the dwindling number of comedy releases from studios in recent times.