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‘Ahsoka’ Debuts High On Streaming Charts

Disney+’s Ahsoka, the latest Star Wars series, drew in a sizable audience during its opening week according to Nielsen’s streaming ratings. Aside from this, Suits continued its reign as the top overall title during the summer months.

How many minutes was ‘Ahsoka’ streamed?


According to Disney+, the first two episodes of Ahsoka, which stars Rosario Dawson as the title character, amassed a whopping 829 million minutes of viewing in the United States alone for the week of August 21-27. With a total running time of 100 minutes, that equates to roughly 8.29 million complete showings of the episodes. (In addition to the U.S., Disney also reported that Ahsoka garnered the equivalent of 14 million complete plays worldwide during its first five days of release.

With it’s 829 million minutes, the show made its mark on the Disney+ charts, ranking behind Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s 1.03 billion for its series premiere week. The show was also the No. 2 original series for the week, after Netflix’s British import Who Is Erin Carter?, which garnered 1.04 billion. Other Netflix series, The Ultimatum and Ragnarok, also made comebacks with their most recent seasons.

What does Nielsen’s streaming chart cover?

Nielsen’s streaming ratings only include TV viewing and do not include time spent on computers or mobile devices. The ratings solely take into account audiences in the United States, not those in other countries. The top streaming titles for the week of August 21-27 are listed below.

1) Suits – 2.66 billion minutes viewed
2) Who Is Erin Carter? – 1.04 billion
3) Bluey – 1.03 billion
4) Grey’s Anatomy – 932 million
5) Ahsoka – 829 million
6) NCIS – 784 million
7) Ballers – 656 million
8) Cocomelon – 644 million
9) Untold – 632 million
10) The Lincoln Lawyer – 587 million