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Alice Oseman Talks ‘Heartstopper’ Season 2, Reveals A More Personal Aspect To One Character

Alice Oseman, the creator of Heartstopper, has been recognized for creating a television world in which many young LGBTQ+ people can see a portrayal of their identity. In the second season that came out August 3rd, she has written from an even more intimate perspective with the show incorporating a character’s coming-out as asexual. Recently in an interview with  BBC’s Newsbeat, Oseman has talked about her relation to the character and has provided more insight on the popular Netflix show.

What did Alice Oseman say about this asexual character and her relation to them?

Source: The Guardian / Rebecca Gannon

Alice recently told the BBC’s Newsbeat that she considers herself and identifies as asexual and aromantic, meaning she has no sexual attraction to any individual, regardless of their gender, and feels no romantic connections. Talking about her experience with sexuality and media portrayal, Oseman began, “I’m 28 now and I didn’t even really learn about those terms until I was at university. And honestly, I didn’t really understand them until even later than that. I feel like asexuality and aromanticism are identities that are not known about by a lot of people. I wanted to bring that representation into the mainstream.”

Source: Netflix

She continued saying that if she had “seen asexual characters when I was a teenager, I would have understood that part of myself so much earlier, and it would have saved me a lot of anguish, pain and confusion.”  Asexual visibility activist Yasmin Benoit also recently talked to PinkNews about how much of a positive impact this character’s storyline is having, and how meaningful his journey is for people worldwide.

Who is the asexual character in ‘Heartstopper’ season 2?

Source: PinkNews via Netflix

Tobie Donovan plays Isaac, an asexual character in season 2 largely inspired by Alice Oseman’s personal experiences. Isaac’s asexual tale and journey to self-discovery delivers a truly heart-wrenching and beautiful depiction rarely seen on television. Numerous aro-ace individuals have identified with Isaac’s ambivalence over his sexuality, especially since so many lacked the ability to properly understand themselves as children. The Netflix drama has been a huge hit with older fans as well, with many stating they wish there had been such a program when they were younger, and Oseman feels the same for having a drama with an asexual character. Oseman, in addition to her Heartstopper series which began as a graphic novel, has also authored the coming-of-age novel titled Loveless, depciting an aro-ace protagonist.