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Amanda Seyfried: Discussing Business, Hollywood And The WGA Strike

Amanda Seyfried has certainly come a long way from ‘Mean Girls’. With a celebrated Hollywood career now spanning two decades, she is one of the most influential actresses of this era. In her most recent project, ‘Crowded Room’, she stars alongside Tom Holland. In an exclusive with Forbes, she sits down and talks about many important things, spanning from giving time to her family to the Writers Guild Association strike. She also discusses her new playhouse business called ‘Make It Cute’ which erupted from the lockdown time period during the peak of COVID with her long-time friends.

What does Amanda Seyfried want to focus on regarding her Hollywood roles?

When asked about her preferred type of characters and storylines at this stage of her career, Seyfried mentioned that what she would like to focus on the most is inclusivity. “Inclusivity – that’s important. I just want to continue telling stories you haven’t seen yet or going a little deeper into stories that we haven’t seen enough of,” continued the actress, “So, when I find a project like that, I will go all the way into that. I want to play people who are different than I am.”

Amanda has also noticed her priorities shifting as a recent mother-of-two. Apparently, she had to make some harder professional decisions while also keeping her family at home in mind. Of this she says that she had to “pass on something because it shoots in Finland and it’s all night shoots. It’s amazing with an amazing actor, and I was just like I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be good for the movie because I wouldn’t be good for me.” Continuing the same thought, she adds, “I want to make things that are more impactful, in general – the greater good, as opposed to just doing selfish projects that really just fill my bucket, as my daughter would say.”

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“My opportunities are wonderful and I’m so grateful for them, but also, I just have less time, so I really have to choose well. Whatever takes me away from the house and kids has to be life-alteringly good. It has to be interesting – it has to create some kind of impact for me or for society. It just has to make sense.”

Amanda Seyfried

What does Amanda Seyfried think about the WGA strike?

In May, when the WGA strike was very close to happening, Seyfried briefly spoke to Variety at the Met Gala about it commenting that everything had changed with streaming services in the market and that “everybody needs to be compensated for their work.” Now, in this recent interview she further supported the writers in this strike to fight for what they deserve. She believes a revolution is needed to put things right again, adding that “The truth is, these streaming studios, these companies have gotten away with murder when it comes to taking what they’re not owed because of contracts, and it’s about time to pay up. It’s a fraction – the top of the top of the top of the people who just make so much on these subscriptions, what they [the writers] are asking for.”

To top it all off, she mentions a sense of camaraderie with the writers saying, “The truth is, these things have to happen in order for everybody to want to continue to work and want to continue to share their talents and work hard. Sorry, but they need all of us. We make it together – it’s a collaboration. Everybody needs to be paid what they’re owed. It’s a very simple fact and they know that.”