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Ex-Con Anna Delvey Teams Up With A TikTok Country Star For New Single, Includes Prison Audio

Anna Delvey, the infamous SoHo grifter who inspired the Netflix series Inventing Anna, has released her first single. She performs vocals on What the Hell?, a track created in collaboration with TikTok star and country music newcomer Brooke Butler. The ex-con’s new song is set to be the intro and theme song for her upcoming podcast, The Anna Delvey Show, produced by Audio Up and Reunion Audio.

Source: Casey Kelbaugh / Variety

Who else is behind the creation of ‘What the Hell’? More on the song:

The song includes previously unseen recordings from Delvey, including an audio clip of a phone conversation she recorded while imprisoned on Riker’s Island. She is presently on home arrest after being convicted of a number of offenses. The song has become available on multiple streaming platforms as of the 20th of July.

Source: YouTube

Aside from Anna and Brooke singing, the rest of the team includes: Audio Up CEO and producer Jared Gutstadt, known for his work with Lil Wayne, Jelly Roll, DJ Khaled, and Machine Gun Kelly who co-wrote the song with his longtime writing partner Scarlett Burke. Audio Chateau, who has also worked with musicians such as MGK and Trippie Redd, is also featured on the track.

What the Hell? is authentic to the type of music I like to make. It’s a fun song and I know a lot of folks will be curious to hear this side of Anna. My hope is that the TikTok world will have some fun with this as well.”

Jared Gutstadt
Source: Nicole Rivelli / Netflix

Who is Anna Delvey?

From 2013 until 2017, Anna Sorokin (which is her real name) pretended to be a wealthy German heiress with a $60 million trust fund named Anna Delvey in order to get access to upper-class New York social and art groups. Delvey, who used her phony name to acquire entrance to elite hotels, restaurants, and clubs, also attempted to establish the Anna Delvey Foundation, which she described as a “global arts center and social club.”

Source: Richard Drew / AP

In 2019, she was found guilty on four charges of grand larceny and one act of theft of services and sentenced to four to twelve years in prison. She was released on parole in February 2021, but was taken back into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in March 2021 for overstaying her visa. She was released from ICE custody in October 2021 and is currently under house arrest in the United States, planning to release a book about her experiences.