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Apple TV+ Cancels Popular TV Show ‘High Desert’ After One Season On Air, Cast Reacts

Apple TV+’s critically-acclaimed drama series High Desert has been canceled after one season, as announced by the show’s lead Patricia Arquette. The news comes as a surprise to many fans, who were eagerly awaiting the second season after the first one ended with many cliffhangers. Created by Nancy Fichman, Katie Ford, and Jennifer Hoppe, the show received positive reviews from critics but didn’t seem to attract a large enough audience. The cast and crew took to social media to express their gratitude to their fans for their support, and disappointment at High Desert being given the axe.

What was ‘High Desert’ about?

High Desert is a comedy-drama series about Peggy, a former addict who moves to the Mojave Desert to start a new life after he mothers death. She soon finds herself working as a private investigator to support herself. The main stars of the show are Patricia Arquette as Peggy, Brad Garrett as Bruce, Weruche Opia as Cherry, Bernadette Peters as Honey, Rupert Friend as Guru Bob, and Matt Dillon as Denny. This popular one-season show was directed by Jay Roach and aired its season finale on June 21.

What did the cast & crew say about the cancellation of ‘High Desert’?

Patricia Arquette and a few other members of the cast and crew took to Twitter and Instagram to share how they feel about there not being another season for High Desert. Ben Stiller, one of the executive producers shared a lengthy tweet expressing his disappointment. “We are all disappointed. Our entire #HighDesert cast was amazing and to all our fans, thank you for embracing this show,” he continued, “I LOVE Patricia Arquette, who gave an awards worthy performance.” He went on to mention that you can stream High Desert season 1 anytime.

Arquette disclosed that High Desert would be getting the axe in an Instagram video with the caption, “It stinks.” Continuing, the actress said “A lot of you have asked about High Desert and if there was going to be a second season, so I just wanted to let you know that we just found out that we won’t be coming back. That’s a sad bummer for all of us.” Towards the end, she thanked the show’s writers, actors, and crew for their hard work and dedication. After expressing her appreciation to the viewers for watching the show, she closed with, “You can’t win them all.”

“While we wish @AppleTV had stuck with it, we’re grateful they made it and it is on the service. And unlike other streamers these days I’m told they will not be removing any shows. So you can enjoy the first season in perpetuity. And feel free to let them know you want more!!”

Ben Stiller