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Apple TV+ Greenlights Two New Natural History Series As SAG-AFTRA Strike Continues

As Hollywood scripted projects come to a standstill, Apple TV+ is shifting its focus on natural history programming. Born to be Wild and Endangered Planet are two new six-part documentaries that have been greenlit from the streaming service. Both shows are set to convey critical messages on the need of contributing in the conservation of endangered species on Earth, but have different stories.

Source: Tusk Trust

What are ‘Born to be Wild’ & ‘Endangered Planet’ about?

Born to be Wild, the first six-part docuseries, will follow endangered animals as they are nurtured by humans with the intention of returning to their natural habitats when they are ready. The series will center on three precious species: a baby savanna elephant, cheetahs, and a moon bear cub. Meanwhile, Endangered Planet is set to employ “cutting-edge technology” to learn more about how to safeguard and protect endangered species such as the Gobi bear, Malayan tiger, Javan rhino, Caucasian leopard, Cross River gorilla, and the North Atlantic right whale.

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Who is behind these two new docuseries from Apple?

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Since its start, Apple TV+ has had a strong interest in natural history. The streamer has created various natural history shows, including Prehistoric Planet, Tiny World, and The Elephant Queen. Born to be Wild and Endangered Planet will be the most recent additions to Apple TV+’s diverse natural history library. Offspring Films in the United Kingdom is set to produce both of these programs, the same company that created Earth at Night in Color, which was narrated by Tom Hiddleston. Tailfeather Productions, the privately held corporation behind Netflix’s Alexander the Great docudrama, will be co-producing Born to be Wild. Lucy van Beek for Tailfeather and Alex Williamson with Isla Robertson for Offspring will also be serving as executive producers for the show. Endangered Planet is also going to have Williamson and Robertson as it’s executive producers.