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Artist Illustrated Disney Princesses According To Their Real Ages

Many People Look Older Than Their Actual Age.

Many people also have baby faces and that is fine. However, don’t you ever think how all Disney princess don’t look like their age? I mean, 14-year-olds don’t have perfect skin and know how to do makeup perfectly.

So following are some Disney princesses according to their real ages. The results are quite appropriate.

#1 Ariel.

Via Loryn Brantz

Ariel has a bit of a shy personality when it comes to it. So the right picture shows an awkward 16-year-old who is dealing with her first crush.

#2 Snow White.

Snow White
Via Loryn Brantz

I mean she looks like a normal 14-year-old girl going through puberty. I am sorry but no 14-year-old has perfect skin.

#3 Pocahontas.

Via Loryn Brantz

Not many 18-year-olds can look like Pocahontas And seems like John Smith is just as surprised as we are to learn her age.

#4 Mulan.

Via Loryn Brantz

Now Mulan might not be a big fan of makeup. However she would still experiment with it like any ordinary 16-year-old.

#5 Jasmine.

Via Loryn Brantz

We all know Jasmine has a bit of rebellious streak. However, that does not mean her dad would allow her to wear those clothes at only 15.

#6 Belle.

Via Loryn Brantz

I personally quite like the unruly hair on Belle. And who wouldn’t fall for the bad guy? I mean Belle is only a 17-year-old.

#7 Aurora. 

Via Loryn Brantz

Ever heard of the saying “Beware of strangers”? Aurora would rightfully be freaked out when a stranger approaches her as a 16-year-old.