Artist Reimagined Stephen King’s IT As Anime & It Looks Equally Terrifying

Illustrator Mike Anderson (Mikuloctopus, for friends) joins the fever for the new film by Andrés Muschietti: It, with an interesting anime version of the villainous Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård).

Via: MDZ Online

In the creation of Anderson we can see Pennywise in the classic presentation of the villain, common to any follower of the genre. Then we find the moment when the clown seduces the defenseless Georgie before giving him a horrible death. This scene is for both book lovers and followers of the original series, one of the most iconic moments of the creation of Stephen King.

IT As Anime
Via: Mikuloctopus
Stephen IT As Anime
Via: Mikuloctopus

The furor for the film and its main character (an interdimensional monster that can take the form of the deepest fears of its victims) has generated a series of memes, versions about the production (actors that were about to interpret to the villain), rumors about what will come in the sequel, as well as interesting variations on the scenes of the film (such as that Pennywise can dance any type of music, below the video). Regarding its anime, it is quite good, that is, when the animes arrive in Hollywood suffer a slow and painful death, but in the opposite case (like the animes of Marvel), the results are much more worthy productions.

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