Artist Revamped Pixar ‘Adult’ Scenes That Probably Happened But They Didn’t Show Us!

People are strange! One day you’re basking in the glory of the new teaser for The Incredibles 2, the next day you’re looking at renders of an artist’s imagination that has all the quirks to get you off (no, really!).

Check out these, ahem, interesting re-imagining of popular Disney features that are strictly for the slightly older kids.

You’ve been warned!

Mr. Potato Head is in Trouble!

Mr. Potato Head is in Trouble

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That’s Not a Kitty, Sulley!

That's Not a Kitty, Sulley

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Not So Incredible Right Now, Eh?

Not So Incredible Right Now

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A Bit More Up!

A Bit More Up

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Wall.E Meets Sex.E!

Wall.E Meets Sex

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50 Shades of Ratatouille! X-(

Shades of Ratatouille

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