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20+ Astute Observations Of Disney Movies That You Didn’t Realize As A Kid And They Are Hilarious

There are always a few plot holes in movies.

No movie or series is without plot holes or weird instances that stretch our imagination a little too far. However, we tend to forgo these since we become so immersed in the world that has been created in the movie.

Although, when you take a look at these Disney movies through an observational lens. There a lot of things that stand out and most of them are hilarious.

From Snow White not realizing who the old hag is to Aladdin being anti-social. The following are just a few instances where our kid minds paid no attention to these ‘insignificant things. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Disney | Reddit

#1 And that people dressed up like their supposed Gods

#2 Disney needs a better writing department. 

#3 So she never knew who the old hag was then.

#4 Because she likes murdering people. 

#5 Furniture and cutlery. 

#6 Maybe our Overlords are mice.

#7 This actually explains a lot of things. 

#8 Or perhaps he just had a foot fetish. 

#9 He’s probably a necrophiliac. 

#10 Being level headed and ‘hiding’ your emotions are two different things. 

#11 Well, It worked, didn’t it? 

#12 Maybe they were all immigrants?

#13 That is a 100% certainty. 

#14 But she just had to tell the truth about the most important thing. 

#15 He would have thought she was bonkers. 

#16 However, these princesses are not related by blood to the queens. 

#17 She might have had very big feet. 

#18 But they didn’t use him/her right? Right?

#19 Hey nobody ever credited Disney characters to be intelligent. 

#20 She’s got gains in her neck. 

#21 I’m betting it’s in a cyborg future.

#22 Because nobody wants it. 

#23 Finally someone representing the itty bitty titty commitee. 

#24 He got his wish quite soon. 

#25 I think we all know this by now. 

#26 Makes a lot more sense than the actual movie. 

#27 If we fed him different seeds, would different types of trees grow?

#28 But hot red-head beats crazy. 

#29 And that is the only reason I love it. 

#30 We could know the answers to all of life’s questions. 

#31 That would have been much more interesting. 

#32 The underwater kingdom probably has different laws. 

#33 But he is a King so it doesn’t really matter. 

Any more observations that you wanna share with us? If so comment them down below and let us know.