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This Baby Groot and Deadpool Mashup Is Something EVERYONE Needs To See

Baby Groot.

Baby Groot

Image via: CBR

We all fell in love with Groot when he first debuted in Guardians of the Galaxy. His one-liner throughout the movie was funny and when the sequel to the epic movie came out, Baby Groot took the Internet by a storm and people were buying things that had Baby Groot on them left and right. He is the cutest tree baby ever and he became the star in the sequel. Deadpool, on the other hand, won everyone’s hearts because of his smooth-talking ways and how he practically does not die.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Image via: Side Show Toy

Ryan Reynolds made Deadpool to be one of the most infamous comic characters ever and really brought him to life. It was rated as one of the best selling rated R movies of all time, making costumes and cosplays of Deadpool emerge from everywhere. But, what happens when you combine Baby Groot and Deadpool together? It’s probably one of the cutest things you will ever see today.

Multiple Grootpools.

Multiple Grootpools

Image via: Instagram

HurleyFX decided to combine Deadpool and Baby Groot together and created a custom made figure that resembles a new hero everyone will love- Grootpool. HurleyFX turned Baby Groot’s tree like colors into the iconic red colors Deadpool wears and provided him with some of Deadpool’s favorite weapons. Trust me, this mashup of comic characters is one of the best mashups you will ever see. Head over to HurleyFX’s Instagram to see some other creations they created- they’re true masterpieces!

Screenshot of Grootpool with weapons.

Screenshot of Grootpool with weapons

Image via: Instagram