5 Best Times Of The Year To Visit Disney World If You Hate Crowds

Not Everybody Is Fan Of Crowds. 

While some people love crowds ( I am not quite sure why.) Crowds do make it hard for you to enjoy and see all that you want to. Why? because there is always someone blocking your view. There is also the fact that some people love to push other.

Not Everybody Is Fan Of Crowds
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So, that is exactly what you don’t want to happen when you go to Disney World. It might be called the most magical place on Earth. It still loses some of its charm when you are all frustrated.

However, there are some times when Disney World is crowd free. So we have compiled 5 best times of the year to visit Disney World if you really hate crowds.

#1 Mid-To-Late January Is Always Great Since That Is When Winter Holidays End And Kids Go Back To School. 

Mid-To-Late January
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#2 Early December Is Also A Great Time Since You Will Be Able To See All The Holiday Decorations Without Any Of The Crowds. 

Early December
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#3 Early-Mid-May Is Great Since Kids Are Going Back To School After Easter So The Parks Are Relatively Peaceful And As A Bonus The Weather Is Pretty Warm And Sunny.

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#4 The Best Time To Go To Disney World Might Be September If You Are Willing TO Brave The Hurricane Season And Are Able To Pull Out Kids At The Start Of Their School Year. 

The Best Time To Go To Disney World Might Be September
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#5 Late August Is A Pretty Good Time In Terms Of Crowds However It Is The Peak Of Hurricane Season Meaning It Is Unbearably Hot At The Parks.

Late August Is A Pretty Good Time
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Do you hate crowds too? If so which of the above times of the year did you like best? Will you keeps these crowd-free months in mind when you book a holiday in the future? As we would love to know if you found this post helpful.