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Beyoncé Comes Out With Her Own Perfume: Say Hello To Cé Noir

When Queen B released an enigmatic video advertisement to her Instagram on October 24, she finally let her horde of fans in on the big secret. She had previously cryptically hinted at the creation of a thrilling new fragrance on her website earlier this year, but we didn’t know what to expect. The mystery is now over: The scent, Cé Noir is now available!

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What has Beyoncé said about her new scent, Cé Noir?

The video began with a smoke-filled view and an abstract, geometric bottle with  a crescent-like cover hovering over it. The bottle slowly turned 360 degrees until it reached the front, where the name Cé Noir was revealed. This is Beyoncé’s first perfume in nearly a decade, following Rise in 2014.
Immediately after she shared the announcement on social media, information about the scent went live on her website, finally disclosing some details about the notes, the composition, and when we can get our hands on it, as well as exclusive photographs verifying that she’s been wearing it throughout her tour.

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In the post she also said: “I’m super excited. This is my Cé Noir unboxing, and it’s finally here after years of work. I wanted something to be monolithic, and I wanted something to have a little bit of intimacy. So right here, you can see inside the soul of the perfume.”

What do we know about Cé Noir?

Source: Instagram / @beyonce

The bottle has a multicolored casing and a little glass circle on the back that shows off the perfume inside. The aroma notes include citrus, golden honey, rose absolute, jasmine sambac, Namibian myrrh, and golden amber, according to the company’s website. According to the photographs on the site, the pop queen has been using the fragrance since  her Tampa Bay, Florida, performance, as she was seen spraying the bottle onto her silver outfit. However, there were photographs of Beyoncé’s crew handing out test strips to lucky concertgoers, meaning that if you were approached during the Renaissance tour and asked to sniff an unfamiliar fragrance, this was most likely it.