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Bobs Burgers Characters Reimagined As Different Horror Icons

What if Bob’s Burger was a horror show?

Or, what if it was a rip-off of every iconic character and show known to man? Well, you might think that it is a dream that can never be fulfilled. But, fret not because the artists of the world have gathered to bring you something wholly unique.

If you are a big fan of Bob’s burger or any other famous movie or show, you have come to the right place. From Bob’s burger character being depicted as the Adams family to them being the avengers, we have got it all. Scroll on below and take a look. Don’t forget to share your favourite ones in the comment section.

Source: Facebook

#1 The reason for this is probably radiation.

#2 Who needs a head when you’ve got a burger?

#3 Pennywise and the nun together? I shudder at the thought. 

#4 The look of love.

#5 A new age witch right here.

#6 Morticia looks stunning in black and white, after all.

#7 And here is the older version for those who prefer color.

#8 I don’t like that evil look.

#9 Is that what I think it is?

#10 For all the Star Wars fans out there.

#11 ‘I am Groot’

#12 R2-D2 is looking awesome.

#13 They look a bit angry, don’t they?

#14 But they do, they certainly do.

#15 Don’t look much different, though.

#16 I relate.

#17 All the green represents hunger.

#18 Pink hat looks stunning.

#19 Which alien did she skin to get that head?

#20 Then why do you look so happy?

#21 A very bloody burger indeed.

#22 All the neon lights.

#23 A very sickly burger.

#24 The power of toys!

#25 Don’t think I want that in my stomach.

#26 Don’t think he wants a fishy kiss.

#27 Even zombies have hearts.

#28 So how can a puppet play piano?

#29 I believe I can fly.

#30 Charmander go!

#31 He is quite a good carver.

#32 People sure do love to draw them as Adams family.

#33 Snow with a beard.

#34 The adults are quite incompetent.

#35 Time to bust that ghost.

Would you like a crossover episode? Comment down below and let us know which one is your favourite?