Here Are The Best Reactions On Recent Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode

As we have said, the 1st ep of this new season of bob’s burgers was loaded with much affection towards the fans, we could see it because the whole episode was made of fans of people who competed in a contest open in March of this year. We tell you more about this below.

About the first episode [SPOILER ALERT]

This first episode was very moved, because it followed 3 very different plots. The first was that of children wanting to have a dog, for which they prove to be responsible enough, but they fail to get their pet.

About the first episode

On the other hand, the restaurant serving brunch goes very well, but in the middle of the episode everything goes insane because people drink mimosas instead of ordering food, so everything becomes a disaster.

people drink mimosas

And for the last plot with Felix and Calvin, Felix decides to hide in the restaurant to win a game of hiding. He almost wins, but during the craziness that has happened at the brunch, Calvin discovers that he is hiding in the hamburger suit.

last plot with Felix and Calvin

And what people said

Here are some Twitter reactions from viewers:

As we can see, the fans thanked and loved everything that the creators of the series did for them in this new episode, full of fan art of more than 60 fans who put to order their illustrations and versions of the series .

The style that was most visible during the whole episode was anime, which gave a refreshing touch to the beginning of the season.

We will see what else will bring us this season, but with this good start will surely be many good things, as always.