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Brad Pitt Stalls Formula One Film Production In Solidarity With SAG Strike

Brad Pitt Halts Production On Formula 1 Film In Support Of Strike

In a powerful display of support for the SAG strike, Hollywood star Brad Pitt has taken a significant step by pausing production on his Formula One film, “Apex.” The Oscar-winning actor, currently filming in Europe, has decided to stand in support of the striking workers, causing a temporary halt to the film’s production. This move has sparked discussions and drawn attention from the media and entertainment industry.

Brad Pitt Delays Planned Production of F1 Film ‘Apex’ Amid SAG-AFTRA Strike

Source: Christian Bruna/Pool photo via AP

Brad Pitt, who has been filming the movie “Apex” with the cast and crew in Budapest, Hungary, made a significant decision. He agreed to complete the scheduled shoots but postponed planned production for the next two months as a show of solidarity with the ongoing strike.

This move was not without its challenges, especially financially, but Brad prioritized listening to the concerns of his cast and crew, demonstrating his unwavering support for the ongoing strike.

Source: Tim Goode/PA Images via Getty Images

Brad Pitt’s F1 Film Production Altered Amid Strike: Spa-Francorchamps Shoot Delayed

Brad Pitt and the crew were scheduled to film at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium this weekend, coinciding with the country’s real-life Grand Prix event. However, the shooting won’t proceed as planned. The next scheduled dates for filming are in Las Vegas in November, with hopes for a resolution to the current impasse between writers, actors, and studios.

Source: Bang Showbiz

Pitt, who stars in and produces the film alongside former world champion Lewis Hamilton, recently joined real-life Grand Prix teams at the British race at Silverstone, reaching speeds of up to 150mph!