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Britney Spears Breaks Her Silence On Being Allegedly Slapped By NBA Star’s Security Guard In Vegas

A day after Britney Spears, the queen of pop, was reportedly slapped in the face by Victor Wembanyama’s security guard while trying to get a photo with the NBA star in Las Vegas, according to TMZ. The pop star has now released a statement on the incident, claiming that she has “yet to get a public apology from the player, his security or their organization. I hope they will…” Her husband, Sam Asghari, also has a lot to say about the matter.

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What did Britney say about the incident?

“Traumatic experiences are not new to me and I have had my fair share of them,” she pop star shared on July 6 via Instagram. “I was not prepared for what happened to me last night. I recognized an athlete in my hotel lobby as I was heading to dinner. I later went to a restaurant at a different hotel and saw him again. I decided to approach him and congratulate him on his success. It was really loud, so I tapped him on the shoulder.” Britney went on to detail the alleged assault denying having grabbed the player like his statement suggested, saying, “His security then back handed me in the face without looking back, in front of a crowd. Nearly knocking me down and causing my glasses off my face.”

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After sharing what happened, she mentioned that she gets swarmed by fans all the time but her security does not resort to physical violence and assault in order to deal with the situation. She then sympathizes with victims of physical violence and adds, “I also dont appreciate nor do I think this is a laughing matter. Watching the player smile and laugh was cruel and demoralizing with the situation that took place. I am 5’3 and he is 7’4…” Thanking her fans and law enforcement, she concluded her post writing, “I cherish the tremendous amounts of love and support I am receiving at the moment. Thank you to the Las Vegas PD and the detectives for their support.”

“This story is super embarassing to share with the world but it’s out there already. However, it’s important to share this story and to urge people in the public eye to set an example and treat all people with respect.”

Britney Spears in her Instagram post
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Did the security guard really slap Britney?

On July 5, Britney Spears, her husband Sam Asghari, and two others were headed to dinner at Catch restaurant in the ARIA Resort & Casino Hotel. New San Antonio Spurs player Victor Wembanyama was also dining there. An eyewitness, Brian Grajales, saw a woman approach Victor while putting on a “British accent.” The woman said, “Excuse me, sir, excuse me, sir” and kept trying to go toward him. “She started to put her hand towards his back. That’s when the bodyguard just turned around, slapped her across the face and knocked off her sunglasses,” he added. Victor kept walking while the woman, who Brian later learned was Britney, allegedly screamed, using a British accent, “This is f–king America!”

However, security camera footage shows that the bodyguard pushed Britney’s hand away and that it was her hand, not his, that struck her face. This was confirmed by law enforcement. Following the confrontation, Britney went to her table. The alleged assailant came over and apologized, saying that he didn’t know who she was at the time of the incident. Britney’s security team spent time with the alleged assailant and then filed a police report for alleged battery. Keeping all this in mind, it’s very unclear whether the guard did assault Britney or not.