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Bump: Australian Dramedy Quietly Removed from CW’s Summer Schedule

‘Bump’ Dropped From CW Summer Schedule

The Australian dramedy series “Bump” has silently disappeared from the CW’s summer schedule. The series, which follows the life of a pregnant 17-year-old, quietly exited its Monday night slot, making way for repeats of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” at 9:30 pm. While five episodes of the second season have already aired, the remaining five will be available on the CW app and

Exploring ‘Bump’: Season 2’s Teen Pregnancy Journey

“Bump” follows Nathalie Morris as Olympia Chalmers-Davis, a diligent 17-year-old who faces unexpected challenges when she becomes pregnant. In Season 2, Oly and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr.) delve deeper into their evolving journey, grappling with changed expectations, contemplating their futures, and navigating family dynamics.

Source: Roadshow Rough Diamond

Created by Claudia Karvan and Kelsey Munro, the series also features Claudia Karvan and Angus Sampson in key roles. “Bump” is produced by Roadshow Rough Diamond, known for their work on acclaimed series like “Romper Stomper” and “Love My Way.”

CW’s Fall Schedule: FBoy Island, Son of a Critch, and More in Shuffle

Source: Roadshow Rough Diamond

Today, the CW revealed adjustments to its upcoming fall schedule. Notably, “FBoy Island” moves from Thursdays to Mondays. Additionally, Canadian comedies like “Son of a Critch,” “Run The Burbs,” and “Children Ruin Everything,” alongside British comedy “Everyone Else Burns,” will shift to Thursdays from their previous Monday slots.

“Bump” now joins recent departures from the CW’s lineup, which include “Down To Earth with Zac Efron” and “Fantastic Friends,” removed in July, and Australian surfing drama “Barons,” taken off in June.