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Busan International Film Festival 2023 Promises Success Amid Management Turmoil

Busan International Film Festival 2023 Sets Line-Up For Sept. 5

In the midst of recent challenges and changes in leadership, the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) remains determined to shine in its 2023 edition. Despite high-profile management departures causing turmoil in recent months, the festival’s organizers have expressed their strong commitment to hosting a successful event in October. With excitement building, BIFF is preparing to present an impressive lineup of films that will surely captivate cinema lovers worldwide!

Busan International Film Festival Sets Course for a Strong 2023 Edition

Source: Naman Ramachadran

In a recent board meeting, the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) established an ‘Innovation Committee’ to address internal and external issues and stabilize operations. Nam Dong-chul and Kang Seung-ah were announced as acting heads, replacing former festival director Huh Moonyung and former managing director Cho Jongkook, respectively. BIFF expressed its commitment to resolving issues and preparing earnestly for the festival in October.

Despite challenges, the festival maintains its strength and will announce the main program during a press conference on September 5.

Busan International Film Festival: Registration Open for ACFM and Asian Projects Market

Source: Woohae Cho, Getty Images

Registration is now open for Busan International Film Festival’s Asian Contents and Film Market (ACFM) and the lineup for the Asian Projects Market (APM) will be announced in August.

The festival experienced changes in leadership, with former festival director Huh resigning in May, and ACFM chief Oh Seok-geun also stepping down in June. However, Daniel Kim and Seri Park are currently managing ACFM and APM.

The festival’s affiliated Asian Cinema Fund will support 14 film projects in this year’s funding round.