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10+ Busiest Days At Disney World When You’d Rather be Home

Not a big fan of the crowds?

While it is true that Disney Land is always busy and you can never expect to have a quiet day there. The following days are a big no-no especially for people who are not a big fan of crowds.

So that is why we are listing the busiest days and weekends at Disney World so you don’t accidentally go there on these days. Or if you do want to go there on a busy weekend. Whatever you choice, let us begin!

#1 New Year’s Day.

New Year's Day
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#2 Disney Marathon Weekend.

Disney Marathon Weekend
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#3 Martin Luther King Day.

Martin Luther King Day
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#4 President’s Day Weekend.

President's Day Weekend
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#5 Princess Marathon Weekend.

Princess Marathon Weekend
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#6 Spring Break.

Spring Break
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#7 Memorial Day.

Memorial Day
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#8 Gay Days.

Gay Days
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#9 Summer and Memorial Day Weekend.

Summer and Memorial Day Weekend
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#10 EPCOT in Fall.

EPCOT in Fall
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#11 Halloween.

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#12 Disney Wine & Dine half marathon.

Disney Wine
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#13 Thanksgiving.

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#14 The Pop Warner Cheerleading Competition. 

The Pop Warner Cheerleading Competition
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#15 Christmas.

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Are you going to stay away from Disney Land at these days? Or would you rather enjoy the holidays with the public? And did we miss any other busy weekends? We would love to know so comment on below!