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Candace Bure Speaks Out, Denies Claims Of Trying To Get Miss Benny’s Character Taken Out Of ‘Fuller House’

Miss Benny, who played a LGBTQ+ character on Netflix’s Fuller House, recently claimed that a castmember tried to have her character removed from the show. She didn’t exactly mention who was the actor behind this, but there were plenty of hints that pointed towards Candance. Now, Candace Cameron Bure, who played DJ Tanner on Fuller House, has broken her silence and denied these claims.

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What did Candace Bure say about Miss Benny’s claims?

Recently in a statement obtained by THR, Bure denied that she was the one who tried to get the character removed, saying, “I never asked Miss Benny’s character to be removed from Fuller House and did not ask the writers, producers or studio executives to not have queer characters on the show.”

Fuller House has always welcomed a wide range of characters,” Candace added, “I thought Miss Benny did a great job as ‘Casey’ on the show. We didn’t share any scenes together, so we didn’t get a chance to talk much while filming on set. I wish Miss Benny only the best.”

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What did Miss Benny say in her TikTok that sparked all this?

Miss Benny, who played Casey on Netflix’s Fuller House, recently alleged in a TikTok video that a castmate campaigned for her character’s removal from the series in an act of homophobia. The Glamorous star, who said that she was the first gay character in the Full House franchise, claimed that the castmate in question was one of the Tanner sisters and was “very publicly not for the girls.” While Miss Benny did not outright specify which of them it was, she added a hashtag under her video which read: “#candacebure” which led many commenters to speculate that Candace was the one behind this.

Source: TikTok @ihatemissbenny (her own account)

“I remember I got sat down by the writers and the studio to basically warn me how this person allegedly was trying to get the character removed and not have a queer character on the show,” added Miss Benny. “I was also sort of warned and prepared that this person’s fan base might be encouraged to target me specifically.” Later on in the video, she also said that despite weeks of working at the Fuller House set, she has “only had a conversation with one of the Tanner sisters.