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This New ‘Cards Against Marvel’ Game Will Change Your Perception About Superheroes

Remember how we didn’t pay attention to Doctor Strange back in Infinity War when he said “We’re in the endgame now?” Well, guess what? He wasn’t kidding because honestly nothing has been the same ever since. We thought we had it all figured out when Avengers: Endgame came out but Stephen Strange was actually talking about the Pandemic.

Jokes aside, after the events of the Endgame none of us have felt okay knowing we won’t be seeing some of our favorite characters ever again. It’s not that Avengers: Endgame didn’t meet the expectations. Endgame was probably the best way of concluding the Infinity Saga. But knowing we will never see Captain America in action or laugh at Tony’s sarcastic jokes is something that just doesn’t sit right with us. Then again, all good things must come to end. However, it all wasn’t supposed to be this bad. MCU had already planned out everything for phase four. But thanks to the pandemic everything got delayed.

The whole situation left the fans completely frustrated and there’s nothing to do now but to wait. Or, is there? Yes, there is! To keep the fans engaged, GamesNotInTheShops has released the all new ‘Cards Against Marvel’ (a parody version of the famous Cards Against Humanity). Cards Against Marvel is a hilarious, dirty send up of our favorite Marvel films from Spider Man to Black Panther.


This is what the game looks like.

 The rules are quite simple. The game consists of blue and white cards. The blue cards contain incomplete sentences that are to be completed by the sentences written on the white cards. There are a total of 944 cards (298 blue and 644 white) making the game long and interesting with countless funny combinations. Each round begins with a player reading a blue card and the rest completing it with a white one. Take a look below for examples.

That’s gotta hurt…

Wakanda for the win.

The game is sometimes a bit extreme but that’s the whole point of it. So, it’s not for anyone who is sensitive or easily offended.

The most iconic crossover in history, indeed.

It may be based on Marvel films but this game is strictly for adults as it contains dark and inappropriate humor.

So, as the wait for phase four continues, Cards Against Marvel can really help to make the days a little more tolerable. The best part is, shipping only takes 2-6 days which means you won’t even have to wait that long to play with friends. However, be sure to order your set directly from this website as there are pirated versions of them with lesser cards available too.

All Orders ship from Los Angeles via FedEx Mail.

Be sure to allow a maximum of 5 working days for the product to deliver. Once confirmed, you will be able to track your order in “Track Your Order”. Gamesnotintheshops also provides satisfaction guarantee. If they don’t meet your expectations they allow an easy 30 day money back guarantee. So, it’s really a win-win situation.

So, are you ready for some inappropriate and dark Marvel humor? Then check out Cards Against Marvel and see if you can make Peter Parker sleep with Aunt May. Or, hook Captain America up with none other than his one and only Bucky Barnes. The possibilities are endless.

Let us know what you think of this in the comments below!