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Artist Illustrated How It Would Look If Disney Characters & Superheroes Faced Ecological Disasters

Famous Characters In The World of Ecological Disasters!

There really is no limit to one’s imagination when it comes to making illustrations/redesigns/animations of popular Disney and Comic book characters!

Once again, another artist has left us utterly amazed with his artwork that not only visualises characters in different settings but also sends out a powerful message to the world.

Following is a compilation of some of the many illustrations of the French artist named Drausin that depict different characters in disastrous situations. It clearly reflects on what we are doing to our environment.

Scroll on below and check it out!


Elsa And Global Warming

The Lion King And The Hunt

Mowgli And Extinct Species

Ariel And Ocean Pollution

Moana And The Discovery Of The Seventh Continent

Mary Poppins And Pollution

Winnie The Pooh And Bee Extinction

Green Lantern And Space Pollution

Aristocats And Waste

Aquaman And The Oil Spill

Bambi And Deforestation

Merida And Deforestation

Pocahontas And River Pollution

Snow White And Pesticides

Ninja Turtles In Real Life

Well, that’s pretty much it. Each one of these illustrations has a different meaning, and it’s eye-opening and alarming for everybody. If you liked this artwork, you should check out more on the artist’s Instagram.

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