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‘Charlie Harper’ Starring Emilia Jones Milks International Deals Through Cannes!

‘Charlie Harper’, a romance film, was introduced to buyers through the Cannes Film Market where it quickly sold wide internationally. This film has reunited ex co-chief Wachsberger of Lionsgate with Twilight producers Temple Hill Entertainment. This movie is set to be directed by Tom Dean and Mac Eldridge from a script created by Dean himself. Emilia Jones, the star of ‘CODA’, and Toby Wallace have landed the lead roles for this upcoming film. There is a lot of potential in this film and it has been recognized around the world.

A hint into the plot:

Some insight on the plot of ‘Charlie Harper’ is that it follows the journey of a young woman named Harper (played by Emilia Jones), and a young man named Charlie (played by Toby Wallace). They meet, fall in love, leave their houses and attempt to build a life together in a different city. The ambitious and driven Harper works hard to build her career as a chef and the brilliant and admittedly stuck, Charlie, faces issues with getting himself on track. As this continues, their relationship presents very relatable conflict. The movie will include time jumps and different scenes where it becomes obvious that the two are made for each other and clearly love each other, but this movie takes all of that and asks “is that enough?”

Who were it’s international buyers?

There were many international buyers whose interest was piqued at the Cannes Market, and some of them are: Scandinavia (SF Studios),  Latin America (Sun), Middle East (Front Row), Greece (Odeon), Israel (Forum Film), Japan (Kinoshita), South Africa (Empire), Eastern Europe (Unicorn), Baltics (ACME), Portugal (NOS), France (SND), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), Germany/Austria (Tobis), Australia/New Zealand (Roadshow) and Benelux (The Searchers). UTA has decided to co-represent domestic sales of this movie.