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Artist Reimagines Classic Characters in Tim Burton’s Style And The Results Are Breathtaking!

Director Tim Burton is a creative and visual genius. He got is start working with none other than the Walt Disney Animation Co. and soon found success in developing characters that were eerie but whose inner goodness was deep within a layered structure plotted out so well that the viewers could not get them out of their minds for a long time.

Many of his movies, particularly Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) and the work on Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) proved to be watershed moments for mainstream cinema because they dared to push the boundaries of genre film-making.

It thus doesn’t come as a surprise that artist Andrew Tarusov decided to base his latest string of concept pieces on the stylistic palette of Burton.

The creations – featuring Superheroes – are drawn with irregularly large eyes which were a hallmark of Margaret Keane’s portraits and which eventually inspired Burton’s creations so much so that he made a whole movie on Keane’s artistic endeavors, titled Big Eyes (2014).

Check out some of Tarusov’s work below:

The Green Man Himself!

The Green Man Himself

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Look at the Beautiful and Heartbreaking Batman!

Look at the Beautiful and Heartbreaking Batman

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The Big Boy Scout!

The Big Boy Scout

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The God of Thunder!

The God of Thunder

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Mr. Stark Himself!

Mr. Stark Himself

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The Boy From New York!

The Boy From New York

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The One With The Indestructible Shield!

The One With The Indestructible Shield

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The Amazonian Princess!

The Amazonian Princess

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You can check out more of Andrew Tarusov’s work here.

Meanwhile, let us know how you found the illustrations in the comments below!