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Hilarious Comics Shows What A Normal Kid Would Do In Stranger Things & It’s Too Real

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Listen! We all love Stranger Things and Stranger Things 2 and more than the show, we love the kids. They own it! Alright?

But you gotta admit that what they do and how people around them behave is miles away from the reality. I mean, I had a minor heart-attack at the age of 11 just looking at the first sign of acne and here are these kids from the show that are capable of slaying the demogorgon and hundreds upon hundreds of  its spawns without batting so much as an eyelid.

Maybe that’s what artist Ryan Andrews thought while sketching the following series on the MAJOR differences between the kids from Stranger Things and those which, you know, reside in the real world!

Check it out!

That Reality Check (Ouch!)

That Reality Check
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That Slimey What-The-Hell-Is-That-Somebody-Save-Me!!!!!

That Slimey What-The-Hell-Is-That-Somebody-Save-Me

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Yeah! Even I’d Throw Up If Someone Mind-Killed Multitudes of People Before Me!

Even I'd Throw Up If Someone Mind-Killed Multitudes of People Before Me

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You Know…Even Friendship Has Some Limits!

Friendship Has Some Limits

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How ‘Bout NO!

Bout NO

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