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Artist Imagined Cops Into Disney Movies And How Results Would Be Different

Where did all the cops go?

Yes, I know that Disney movies don’t have cops but come on do they not have any kind of law enforcement? Does nobody go on a murder spree in their world.

So an illustrator put a new spin on our favorite Disney movies. Paul Westover is the artist behind these interesting illustrations that evidently show the world would a much safer place with cops in it.

#1 His other demand is to…….break the curse?

break the curse
Via College Humor

#2 Don’t worry, you’ll find Simba.

you'll find Simba
Via College Humor

#3 Have you asked Mazimus for help?

Have you asked Mazimus for help
Via College Humor

#4 That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone!

I've been trying to tell everyone
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#5 Trust me is not the one with the lying problem.

Trust me is not the one with the lying problem
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#6 There is media too?

There is media too
Via College Humor

What do you think would happen if the cops existed in this world? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.