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10+ Creepy & Dark Drawings Of Garfield The Cat That Will Change Your Perception

Perception is everything

How we portray things can totally change the way other people see it. Though this concept applies everywhere in life, right now we are explicitly talking about art. Assuming everyone is familiar with Garfield – the lazy cat who hates Mondays and loves food, we bring you some incredibly creepy Garfield drawings from the horror artist, Will Burke.

The following drawings are not your regular drawings; they are similar to the actual Garfield Comics except that they depict the whole situation creepily. It’s definitely not your everyday work of art but its 100% worth your time. Check it out!
Via Know Your Meme

No escape.

End of the world.

“You can run, but you can’t hide.”

Lots and lots of Lasagna.

“Say goodbye to your inner peace.”

There’s no stopping now.

“I’m everywhere, Jon.”

“You’re living in an illusion.”

“You can’t help it, Jon.”

“And you will do as I say.”

“How long can you keep up?”

“Feed me.”

“Say your goodbyes; I’m coming for you.”

“You’re falling in a bottomless pit.”

“I need it, now.”

“You can try all you want.”

“Heightened sense of smell is all I need.”

“Do you understand what that means, Jon?”

“Go and get my Lasagna.”

Not okay.

“You can’t keep hiding forever.”

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