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Tom Holland Comments On ‘The Crowded Room’ Role, Says It “Absolutely Broke” Him

‘The Crowded Room’ is a captivating crime thriller that follows Danny Sullivan played by Tom Holland, who is arrested following his involvement in a shooting in New York City of 1979. It is told through a series of interviews with a curious interrogator, Rya Goodwin, played by Amanda Seyfried, and flashbacks to Danny’s past to show his mysterious life story unfold. Apple TV+ is releasing the first three episodes (out of 10) on June 9, followed by one episode weekly until the finale on July 28.

What does Tom Holland have to say about ‘The Crowded Room’?

The ‘Spider-Man’ star recently opened up about what it was like to be an executive producer and main lead in ‘The Crowded Room’ for the 10 months that they were filming. At ‘The Crowded Room’ premiere Holland told The Hollywood Reporter, “This show absolutely broke me in every way possible. I just kept my head down. I dug my heels in, and I just tried my best”. His fellow executive producer, Alexandra Milchan said that Holland had earned his title as producer. Apparently, the challenge of playing this complex and wildly “misunderstood” character is what drew Tom to the role of Danny Sullivan originally.

“Tom is always prepared. Tom cares, and Tom gives it all. … So, I really give it to him. He went and opened up his heart and soul. I feel like in the show you can see his soul almost. There’s a purity and an emotional fragility that he allows us to see. You can’t fake that.”

Alexandra Milchan about Tom Holland

How did this affect the stars personal life?

Tom Holland extensively talked about how much filming these series affected his personal life. Holland mentions usually being good at leaving work behind and not let his it interfere with his day-to-day life with the exception of ‘The Crowded Room’, claiming that the character “really did start bleeding into my personal life”. He also commented that “I would come home from work and I would see myself in the mirror and I would see him. So it did take a while to figure out how to put him to bed and wake Tom up and get on with my life and be myself. But I figured it out and was very happy and healthy.” When asked about his girlfriend and previous ‘Spider-Man’ co star Zendaya, Holland added: “And also I had the bangs. Bless Zendaya, she had a lot to put up with, with me looking like that for 10 months, it was rough.”