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Daniel Radcliffe And Erin Darke Reveal More Details About Their New Bundle Of Joy!

About two months ago, Erin Darke gave birth to the couple’s first child. Meeting on the set of Kill Your Darklings in 2012, the two have quite a wholesome romance. Despite keeping their long-term relationship private, the Harry Potter actor previously spoke about his instant bond with Erin, describing the conversation to be “totally flowing” and effortless. The couple has finally revealed more details about the newest addition to their family and how parenthood has been affecting their lives.

What is the gender of Daniel and Erin’s baby?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on July 3, Daniel Radcliffe discussed the life-changing experience of becoming a father and the happiness he feels raising his child with his partner, Erin Darke. He also revealed that they welcomed a baby boy, but have not yet disclosed what they have named him. The 33-year-old actor and Don’t Think Twice actress Erin Darke, are thoroughly enjoying their new role as parents, mentioning that theyre having a “great time.” Radcliffe also commented on how grateful he is to have time off from work to be able to spend time with his baby boy and “amazing” Erin.

“It’s great. It’s crazy and intense, but he’s wonderful and Erin is amazing—it’s a real privilege also to have this time with him. I was always going to take some time off, which not everyone is able to do, and so I’m able to kind of just be here with him a lot, which is lovely.”

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Will the arrival of his first child affect Daniel Radcliffe’s work life?

The Miracle Workers actor also acknowledged that parenthood will inevitably play a big role in his career moving forward. “It hasn’t really yet affected things, but I really like spending time with him,” added Daniel, “And I think I’m gonna miss him when I go back to work later in the year.” Futher he goes on to mention how being a father will affect the kinds of roles he takes on, saying that “So, I will definitely be I think a bit more selective—not more selective, I’ve always been selective—but I think I’ll probably work a little bit less for the next few years.”