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‘Dave’ Season 3 Finale Starring Brad Pitt & More Streaming Now On YouTube!

Were you planning on watching the last episode of ‘Dave’ but don’t have a Hulu subscription? That’s okay, the finale of this FX show is out on YouTube! Here’s all we know about the most anticipated episode of this season and where to find it:

Which episode is Brad Pitt in?

The episode, which marks the end of a season full of guest stars and cameos, features stars like Rachel McAdams, Drake, and Brad Pitt. Co-creator and actor Dave Burd (aka Lil Dicky) spoke with Deadline about the final episode and securing those guest appearances. It’s titled “Looking for Love” and features an dangerously obsessed stalker, a beautiful woman, GaTa being held hostage along with Dave and Pitt (who has developed an unexpected singing talent), and a lot of suspense. It is a dark, funny and heartwarming episode all in one, being a powerful exploration of the dangers of fame and the importance of self-care. The episode is available to watch for free on the FX Networks YouTube channel!


What were the main themes of Season 3?

‘Dave’ Season 3 explores the challenges and rewards of fame, the importance of love and relationships, the power of friendship, and the journey of self-acceptance. Dave’s newfound fame brings him both great rewards and challenges, with his mental health being a big focus this season. He struggles to balance his personal life with his professional life, while also having to deal with the negative aspects of fame, such as stalkers and haters. Dave’s quest for love is another major storyline in Season 3, with him dating a number of different women until  Brad gets through to him and reminds him that he can’t love another person until he loves himself. Dave’s friends, including GaTa, Elroy and Emma, are a major source of support for him in Season 3 and are there for him through thick and thin. He also finds and meets up with his idol, Drake. Dave’s journey of self-acceptance is another important theme in Season 3. He learns to accept his flaws and to be proud of who he is.

“I feel like this season has a few core themes going on at once that have a fair amount of overlap to them. One is the search for love and finding the one, and then another one is the search for, I guess, validation and fame, and being seen as your best possible artist.”

Dave Burd