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Someone Put Deadpool In Famous Movie Posters And I Am Not Even Mad

Want to make something better? Put Deadpool in it.

Whether you loved Deadpool 2 or hated it, you have to admit the Deadpool character is quite amazing. And it seems that Ryan Reynolds was born to play this role.

I mean have you ever seen what Ryan Reynolds tweets? It honestly feels like it’s Deadpool behind it all. Anyway I am getting off course here. But you see a fan like me was probably the one behind all these poster spoofs.

You see one person thought it was a great idea to put Deadpool into posters of different movies. And these posters definitely look much better than before.

Source: Imgur

#1 Office Space.

#2 X-Men, Days of Future Past. 

#3 X-Men, First Class. 

#4 Revenge of the Nerds. 

#5 Speed. 

#6 X-Men, Apocolypse. 

#7 Assassins Creed. 

#8 Cast Away. 

#9 Predator. 

#10 The Terminator. 

#11 War for the Planet of the Apes. 

#12 Edward Scissorhands. 

#13 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

#14 My Cousin, Vinny. 

#15 Fight Club. 

#16 Logan. 

What are your thoughts on these poster spoofs? Are they an ingenious way to market Deadpool 2 or what? Because if I saw these, I’d definitely want to watch Deadpool rather than the actual movie.

Comment on below and let us know which one of these is your favorite.