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Person Started An Amazing Twitter Thread After Defining Rick And Morty In A Hilariously Wrong Way

Everyone makes mistakes.

May it be in person or on social media. But, there are different categories. Some mistakes are avoidable, and some are not. So, before we get on with our story always remember to do your research before tweeting something you don’t know about because Twitteratis will never forgive you.

It all began when a girl thought Rick and Morty is not a sitcom and instead stands for something different. So, she tweeted about it, and it started such a long, and funny twitter thread that you won’t be forgetting this in a long time. Scroll on below and see it for yourself!

Caution: It’s too hilarious.

Rick and Morty?

No, that’s Rickrolling.

Oh, you meant Ricky Bobby?

I thought Rick and Morty were fruits.

That’s Blades of Glory.

Ricky Martin?

Yep, rice-a-roni.

Oh, that’s Rick Ross.

Oh come on, it has got to be one of these.

It’s getting pretty close I think.

Oh dear lord!


This is genuinely by far the funniest Twitter thread.

This whole thing needs to be on a game show.

So, what are Rick and Morty?!

Did you get it?

Now, you must be asking yourself why these answers are contradicting with each other? Well, this is just what you get if you confuse Rigor Mortis with Rick and Morty. Hope everyone had fun reading this.

Feel free to share your version of Rick and Morty with us down in the comments below!