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New ‘Dino Dex’ Series Expands Sinking Ship’s Successful Franchise with Prime Video and Canadian Networks

‘Dino Dex’ Latest Series In Sinking Ship’s ‘Dino’ Franchise

Sinking Ship Entertainment’s popular Dino kids TV franchise is set to embark on a thrilling new adventure with the production of its latest installment, “Dino Dex.” This exciting series is being produced for Prime Video, Amazon Kids+, TVOkids, TFO, and Knowledge Network, and has garnered support from the Shaw Rocket Fund.

Building upon the franchise’s remarkable success, which includes three Daytime Emmys and global distribution to over 200 territories, “Dino Dex” promises to captivate young audiences with its prehistoric world of wonder.

Dino Dex: The Artistic Adventure Continues in the Dino Franchise

Source: Sinking Ship Entertainment

“Dino Dex” joins the lineup of the popular Dino franchise, following the success of “Dino Dan” in 2008, “Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures” in 2014, and “Dino Dana” in 2017. This new series introduces Dex, the younger brother of Dana, and follows his journey as a nine-year-old artist and aspiring paleontologist.

With the ability to see dinosaurs in the real world, Dex reimagines their appearance, behavior, and diet through his artistic vision. Accompanied by his neighbor Kayla, a passionate rock enthusiast, they embark on a thrilling adventure to challenge preconceptions about prehistoric creatures.

Source: Sinking Ship Entertainment

Expect 13 exciting episodes of “Dino Dex” coming in 2024!

J.J. Johnson And Kate Sanagan Speaks On Addition Of Dino Dex in the Global Dino Franchise

J.J. Johnson, the founding partner of Sinking Ship and creator of the Dino franchise, expressed enthusiasm;

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“Our Dino evolution continues. We’re so excited for Dino Dex to bring the latest and greatest — and weirdest — dino facts and action to our incredible and enduring global fans.”

J.J. Johnson

Kate Sanagan, Head of Sales and Distribution at Sinking Ship, emphasizes the universal appeal of the franchise and the company’s commitment to expanding its reach through various mediums.

Alongside notable productions like “Jane,” “Odd Squad,” and “Giver,” Sinking Ship’s Toronto-based team continues to captivate audiences through their diverse portfolio.