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Director McG Leaves Door Open for ‘Charlie’s Angels 3’ Return

‘Charlie's Angels 3’ Teased By Director McG

Fans of the iconic “Charlie’s Angels” franchise have reason to hope, as director McG, also known as Joseph McGinty Nichol, drops a tantalizing hint. While discussing his upcoming Netflix comedy film, “Family Switch,” McG revealed that he’s not ready to close the door on a potential “Charlie’s Angels 3.”

For fans of the beloved “Charlie’s Angels” series, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Director McG, also known as Joseph McGinty Nichol, has hinted at the possibility of a “Charlie’s Angels 3” while promoting his upcoming Netflix comedy, “Family Switch.”

Director McG’s Hopeful Outlook on ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Future

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McG, who directed the 2000 “Charlie’s Angels” film and its 2003 sequel, acknowledges their mixed box office results. Despite this, he remains hopeful. McG is open to discussions with the original trio – Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz – about the franchise’s potential revival.

He acknowledges their significance in his career and the unique talents they possess. He believes there might be room for one more compelling story in the series, depending on the opportunity.

Challenges and Creative Vision in Making ‘Charlie’s Angels’

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McG’s creative vision for the film faced scrutiny from executives. Amy Pascal questioned elements like humor, seriousness, colorful visuals, dance sequences, and music. However, McG remained determined, assuring them that the final product would be cohesive. Pascal ultimately placed her trust in him, although it was a close call.