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Spotlight Casting Director Paul Schnee Makes TV Directorial Debut with ‘Mother, May I Have A Kidney?’

Paul Schnee Makes Directing Debut In ‘Mother, May I Have A Kidney?'

Renowned casting director Paul Schnee steps into the director’s chair for the TV series “Mother, May I Have A Kidney?” Known for his work in films like “Winter’s Bone” and “The Girl on the Train,” Schnee now ventures into the world of directing with this exciting comedy-drama series.

In a remarkable collaboration with Filipino-American showrunner Veronica Reyes-How, Schnee has helmed all episodes of this captivating series. As production wraps up, anticipation grows to see the magic unfold on screen.

Rebuilding Family Bonds: ‘Mother, May I Have A Kidney?’ Series Explores a Heartwarming Journey

Source: IMDb

Witness the touching story of a young New York man with a failing kidney in the series “Mother, May I Have A Kidney?” As he seeks a donor, he embarks on a mission to reconnect with his deeply estranged mother and rebuild their fractured relationship.

Starring Doug Plaut, Tina Benko, Darius de Haas, Charlotte Ray Rosenberg, and Troy Iwata, alongside talented actors Myra Lucretia Taylor, Lydia Gaston, and Drew McVety. Produced by Veronica Reyes-How and Doug Plaut for Goldfish Pajamas, with Benjamin J. Murray and Michael Christensen producing for Incline Productions.

Source: IMDb

Schnee and Reyes-How on the Themes of “Mother, May I Have A Kidney?”

Director Paul Schnee and showrunner Veronica Reyes-How discuss their motivations behind “Mother, May I Have A Kidney?” Schnee was drawn to the script’s exploration of a family’s lost connections and vulnerabilities, highlighting the potential for reconciliation.

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Reyes-How reflects on the collaboration with a talented cast and crew, bringing compelling and heart-breaking characters to life in a story of fractured families working towards reconciliation.