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These Disney Characters Are From Your High School And You Have Surely Met Them

Remember these people? 

Wanna know why some of your friends seemed so familiar the first time you saw them? it is probably because their habits are exactly alike to your favorite Disney characters. Okay maybe ‘exactly’ is a bit of an overstatement.

But you’ll understand what I mean once you take a look at these characters below.

#1 Cinderella.

Via collegehumor

Can’t she call the police for emotional abuse by her parents though?

#2 Tiana.

Via collegehumor

If it wasn’t clear before. The slimy creature referred here is the guy.

#3 The fox and the hound.

The fox and the hound
Via collegehumor

This hits way too close to home.

#4 Lumiere. 

Via collegehumor

I don’t think he would mind eve if he was in town. I hear he is a beast in parties. No? I’ll see myself out.

#5 Hercules.

Via collegehumor

So Hercules is asian now?

#6 Hans.

Via collegehumor

This happens to be every guy in High School but they don’t usually try to kill you.