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Disney Characters Re-Imagined As “The Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom” Will Leave You Star-Struck

The Kingdom will be safe once again.

I know most of the Disney princess on this list did little to actually save themselves and had to wholly rely on their prince. While their damsel in distress image may be true. What if they were the defenders?

Yes, I am talking about superheroes.  These alternate re-imaginings of our beloved Disney princesses have led them down to a dark path so they have to protect their magical lands.

Illustrations and Stories by steevinlove.

#1 Esmeralda: Heaven’s Hellfire.


Her Story:-

The thief known as Sarousch remained in jail for a short time after attempting to steal La Fidèle. His release came easy with the help of a very disfigured Frollo, who had been slowly regaining his power after surviving his dramatic fall into molten hot metal. Plotting revenge against those who nearly got him killed he convinced Sarousch to join him, which wasn’t hard since his own plans were foiled by similar enemies.

Esmeralda and Phoebus had been living happily raising their child Zephyr in the commune. Quasimodo and Madellaine had just recently decided to move close to them. But joy quickly turned to sorrow when the camp burst into flames. Phoebus and Esmeralda quickly tried to ease the fears of their panicked friends and get as many people out of the camp as possible.

Quasimodo took a horse and went to the city to get help, once there he was surprised to find Sarousch bringing the city to flames as well. Quasimodo fought fiercely to try to stop Sarousch’s attack, where he revealed that he was not working alone.

Meanwhile, back in the enflamed and desperate gypsy camp, Phoebus and Esmeralda managed to get most of the people out and away from the fire. Madellaine led the last group of people to saefty leaving Phoebus and Esmeralda while they searched for any last survivors. Thats when the grossly disfigured Frollo (or what was left of him) emerged from the shadows, escorted by a group of the city’s armed soldiers.

Back at the City, Sarousch had pinned Quasimodo into a corner, where he conveniently revealed his and Frollo’s plot to get revenge against Quasimodo and all his friends by destroying and killing everything they had ever loved and framing Esmeralda and Phoebus for the destruction of not only the camp where they live, but the city Sarousch had been burning as well.

Quasimodo’s gargoyle friends, (Victor, Hugo, and Laverne) came to his rescue, freeing him from Sarousch. The three of them raced back to the camp hoping to save their friends, but instead they made it back just in time to witness Phoebus and Esmeralda hanged until death amongst the fiery inferno that had become of their home.

Several years passed, and the gypsies left thought they had found a new home in hiding deep in the forest. Quasimodo and Madellaine had become foster parents for Zephyr who had now become deeply troubled. Often he’d drift away alone into the forest hoping for his parents to emerge out of the darkness. One day Frollo emerged instead, having been searching for Zephyr and Quasimodo to finish what he had started, but before Frollo could speak his words were taken from him.

With assassin like ability, Esmeralda had snuck up behind Frollo and wrapped her sash around his neck, she leaned in as she pulled on the sash, and revealed herself to him. “Stay away from my family” she whispered and the sash burst into flames from fire that seemed to be ripped from no where, suffocating him with smoke and she strangled him to his death.

Zephyr and Esmeralda’s reunion was bittersweet, as she remained distant towards him. She asked Quazimodo and Madellaine to take care of Zephyr for a little while longer… when asked where she was going her only reply was “I don’t believe Phoebus is dead either” and she faded back off into the shadows she came from.

#2 Belle: Beastmaster.


Her Story:-

After the events that changed Prince Adam from beast to human, he and Belle carried out a seemingly normal life. Normal for a Prince and a newly found Princess of course…

But their happily ever after was cut short when one morning Adam went missing. Belle searched every room, and every corridor of their Castle, but no sign of him. She made her way to village nearby to ask her father Maurice for help, but when she arrived she was surprised to see the villagers in a violent panic. She ran into the center of town to find out what all the commotion was about, and that’s where she found an even bigger surprise.

The alter ego/embodiment of her love, Prince Adam, had returned. The Beast was back. His eyes blistering red, his arms and teeth stained with blood, and his clothes torn into shreds, it was clear who has been responsible for the demolition… but why?

Beast stood before her, a glowing rose in his claws, panting and grunting, but his eyes did not seem to recognize Belle’s terrified face. Belle slowly approached him, believing strongly that even in a much more feral beastly state that he would not harm her. She touched his face with her hand, and gently pulled the rose away from him. It was the same enchanted rose that counted down how many days he had to break the curse before… Confused, Belle brought Beast back home.

Seasons Pass, dawning a new wardrobe, new tools and the glowing rose warn around her neck, Belle has been traveling far and wide following clues to the mysterious return of the curse. Beast, much more feral and even less compassionate, finds his only comfort in Belle, so he follows her everywhere she goes protecting the only thing he finds familiar.

#3 Snow White: Forbidden Fruit.

Snow White

Her Story:-

Seasons have passed since the fairest of them all was awakened by true love’s kiss. A slumber caused as a result of taking a bite into a poison apple sneakingly given to her by her evil stepmother. The seven dwarfs remained in their small cottage in woods, enjoying their humble mining life.

Over the years Snow White would make frequent visits to her height challenged friends. One day she was alarmed to find her friends missing from their home. The only clue left behind by their mysterious disappearance was the presence of a strange apple tree she had never noticed before. At the base of the stump laid 6 bitten into apples… apples which glowed green from the inside out.

While picking a few apples from the tree a very frightened and alone Dopey cautiously made his way out of the nearby brush, clinging onto Snow White for what seemed to be “dear life”.

Snow White brought the mute Dwarf home with her, along with the Apples. There she consulted with her Stepmother’s Mirror which now resides in the castle with her and her Prince (now the King). The Mirror was able to show her the story of the left over apple that she once bit into which had put her to sleep.

The apple rot allowing a single seed to dig deep into the ground near the cottage where the dwarfs lived. Over the following seasons the seed would grow into a normal looking tree, a tree with the tastiest looking apples any of the Dwarfs had ever seen. Excited the dwarfs took a bite of these apples, and within one bite all the dwarfs went mad, turning feral and ravaged deep into the woods… all the dwarfs but Dopey who while being distracted by butterflies, was a little bit late to the party…

The Mirror went on to tell her that there was no way to reverse the spell caused by these second generation magically poisoned apples, and that her friends would roam the woods violently attacking anything that made eye contact…. but there was hope. The Mirror showed Snow White and Dopey the image of an old Sorcerer named Yen Sid.

Unfortunately, this sorcerer was nowhere nearby, in fact, he was in an entirely different world… a world filled with people who could freeze, move, destroy, create, en flame, electrify and all sorts of unimaginable things with their minds… and though the Mirror Could show her how to get there, she’d need to take a bite of an apple once again to get there… the same Apple that drove her friends Berserk.

Snow White took a bite of one of the apples she harvested. The world before her eyes turned green and squiggly, her body felt weak, her skin became even more fair, and then she passed out.

When woke up much later, no longer in her castle home but instead in a world she could never imagine…. a world with buildings that reached the sky, carriages that drove themselves, a confused Dopey, and an undeniable funny feeling all over her body, as if she had been changed somehow. She got up, kissed Dopey’s head and did the only thing she could think of to do… Find Yen Sid.

#4 Pocahontas: Wind Legend.


Her Story:-

Being back home was sweet and peaceful only for a short time. Her time spent back with her tribe was bitter sweet for Pocahontas. On one hand she was back with her friends and family, on the other adapting to the simplicities of village life proved difficult for her new love, John Rolfe. Following her heart she chose to live in a nearby town with Rolfe, realizing that she would have an easier time adjusting with the comforts of the Settlers than he would have with the Powhatan.

Living in Jamestown was not an easy transition either, Meeko and Flit were commonly misunderstood as “pests” and the people there had less of an interest in the land around them. Keeping true to her heart she delt with these changes and was happy to be with Rolfe. But her heart began to grow weary as she began to be visited nightly with distubing dreams of a disfigured earth, a war between her people and the new world, and worse her own death.

One night, the dreams of the Powhatan became too intense and too realistic for her to bare any longer. Feeling that these were more than just dreams, she sprung out of bed and into the forest and traveled back to her village, but when she arrived all that she found were small, burnt remnants of a world she once knew. Her village, the land, the trees all scortched to nothingness. Lost and convinced that Rolfe had betrayed her, she did not return home, but instead revisited her old friend Grandmother Willow.

Grandmother Willow had been excepting her visit, but had hoped she would have visited sooner as she needed Pocahontas to carryout an important mission. She told Pocahontas of a future filled with pain and disaster for more than just the people of the earth but for the Earth itself, and sent her on a journey to find the “Spring Sprite” a deity with the power to restore life.

Feeling like she has no home to come to, she agreed to take on this voyage, alone.

#5 Tiana: Voodoo Slayer.


Her Story:-

After Dr. Facilier was dragged into the “Other Side” for not being able to keep up his end of the deal he made with the Voodoo spirits, the shadow creatures began to swarm New Orleans looking for new souls to steal.

Tiana and her new husband, Prince Naveen, enjoyed the success of their new resturant but noticed the city started to become a darker place. People started to go missing, and the people that were around appeared lifeless or soul less.

Always independent and self-reliant, she refused to see the city she loved overrun by the dark voodoo spirits. With her trusty musket and rolling pin at her side and with the support of Naveen, Tiana is sending the black magic shadows back to the “Other Side”.

#6 Tiger Lily: Neverland Huntress.

Tiger Lily

Her Story:-

Neverland, a once ageless beautiful island, has in the blink of an eye, turned into a dark and weary place to be. This mysterious change caused Tiger Lily to leave her tribe to search for not only the cause, but the solution to this change.

Weary of the girls from the Darling family, she believed that Peter’s disappearance was the reason for the change. She began her search by paying a visit to Peter’s closest companion, Tinkerbell ([link]). Unfortunately for Tiger Lily, Tink had gone missing since the day the change happened, several years ago.

Following a trail of pixie dust, and rumors, Tiger Lily finally found a peculiar and familiar glow coming from the mouth of Skull Rock. There she found a raged, confused and much more powerful Tinker Bell, who in fact, did not appreciate the unexpected Visit. Tinkerbell revealed that she was the cause of Neverlands change, admitting that she had made a series of irresponsible wishes after Peter Pan had abandoned her.

The two fought for days, but after the two realized they were both wanted the same thing, they decided to work together. They searched for the answers for a long time, finding clues here and there pointing them towards the direction of way to undue the wrongs. However during this search Tiger Lily has begun to enjoy the aging “after effect” caused by a broken Neverland… harboring conflicting feelings that maybe now that she’s older, she may have a chance with Peter after all…

#7 Tinkerbell: Ferocious Fairy.


Her Story:-

Peter Pan left Neverland, again… this time not to return. Troubled, Angry and incredibly Jealous that her long time crush had disappeared to be with that “annoying” Wendy… Tinkerbell made a series of irresponsible wishes that led to an utter disfigurement of Neverland.

The sky became perpetually dark, the forests no longer inviting, the sea no longer clear, and worst of all, the magic that that kept the inhabitants of Neverland from aging disappeared all together.

Overwhelmingly guilty for the destruction she caused, she shunned herself away from the other faeries, and abandoned the lost boys. She wandered Neverland, but one of her wishes had caused her to produce much more pixie dust, making her glow brighter.

She wandered to Mermaid Lagoon, but the Mermaids there had always been jealous of Tinkerbell and Peter’s closeness and wouldn’t leave her alone. Finally she ended up at Skull Rock, finding a place not only where she could remain in solitude, but that was very much avoided.

Her hiding proved to be moot as she was eventually found by Tiger Lily. Tink fought to keep her solitude, admitting that she had caused what happened to Neverland to scare Tiger Lily away.

After fighting for days, eventually the two came to an understanding, realizing that they both wanted to bring Neverland back. Hoping to redeem herself Tink joined forces with Tiger Lily, suspecting though that Tiger Lily was only truly looking for a chance to find Peter.

#8 Alice: Queen of Diamonds.


Her Story:-

Upon her return from Wonderland, Alice had trouble fitting in to the “real world”. She drifted further and further away from the people around her as they began to make her feel more and more of an outcast.

Just as the maddening of being alone began to overcome her mind, the White Rabbit summoned her back into Wonderland to help defeat the threat of the Jabberwocky.

Taking the role of the new “Queen of Diamonds” , Alice finally now feels at home again. After all, they’re all a little mad.

#9 M. Poppins: Spoonfull of Sugar.

M. Poppins width=

Her Story:-

Following the changes of the wind, Mary Poppins has traveled the world, using her Magic Carpet Bag full of everything to help those who can’t see past the ends of the their noses. From villains to heroes, her fun loving yet strict charm, has been the metaphoric Nanny to those who’ve needed a point in the right direction.

Popping in to check on the Banks children after several years since her last “pop out”, Mary has found that the children have been swept into the chalk world they once enjoyed.

Having been warped by the erosion of rain fall, the once pleasant sketched countryside where they enjoyed a jolly holiday, has now been replaced by an unfamiliar and dark world. M. Poppins is now on a mission to rescue her charges.

#10 Nala: Pride Queen.


Her Story:-

Nala, the Queen of the Pride Lands, exhibits many responsibilities. Hunting for food, watching over the young, being a loving wife to the king, Simba… but most of all she helps keep the “Circle” in check. After Simba’s Uncle Scar “died” the Hyena club grew in numbers.

They’re ravenous hunger once again disrupts the fragile balance for food… Believing that Scar is still alive and assembling an army to take down the king, Nala and a small group of female warriors patrols the outskirts of the kingdom, allowing for King Simba to keep to his duties closer to Pride Rock. Together working as a team in hopes to eliminate the mysterious threat, and bring back balance to the land.

#11 Kida: Forgotten Princess.


Her Story:-

Having been gifted new abilities, Kida now leads the people of Atlantis, using her powers to prevent any further chaos or threats from disrupting her way of life.

#12 Jane: Jungle Lover.


Her Story:-

Once she was Tarzan’s Jane… now she’s the Jungle’s Jane.

Queen La, a vicious sorceress who rules over the abandoned city of Opar, where she lords over the Leopard Men, leopards whom she has changed into humanoid form to serve her. She falls in love with Tarzan after he comes to rescue Jane’s father from the Leopard Men, who were capturing males as potential husbands for La.*

She attempts to capture and seduce Tarzan Various times, foiled repeatedly by his love for Jane. After failing over and over again Queen La dishearteningly exiles herself from the Jungle in hopes to find a much darker magic to aid her, taking her Leopard Men with her. Jane and Tarzan enjoy piece from La for a long time. Without their love being interrupted or tested, their bond was free to grow even stronger.

One morning Jane and Tarzan were swinging routinely through the jungle, patrolling for food.. or mischief… when suddenly Tarzan stopped cold mid swing, his brain having almost just stopped, and passed out. He let go of the vine they were swinging on and the two of them fell down to the earth below, their fall only broken by the branches and leaves between them and the ground. When Jane finally came to, Tarzan was missing.

She headed home hoping to find Tarzan, and when she got there, there he was. Dawning a leopard printed loincloth, and carrying a scantly clad Queen La. Jane attempted to reclaim her love’s attention, but it was clear that La was he could focus on, and the two swung away into the jungle.

Jane, believing truely that the Sorceress had finally found a spell to lure him away, she seeks to find help to gain her love’s heart back. But without a knowledge of magic to speak of, her findings only seem to push him further into La’s clutches.

With her focus on finding a way to lure Tarzan back, the jungle is free of a “king” to keep the mischief makers at bay. Hoping to maintain status quo, she takes on Tarzan’s role, hoping not to let the more nefarious of the jungle’s antagonists aware that Tarzan is “distracted”

#13 Mulan: Dynasty Warrior.


Her Story:-

Yen Sid , a mysterious and powerful sorcerer, appeared before the council of Ancestors seeking audience with Fa Mulan. Being that humans were not allowed in the temple, Mushu, the guardian of Fa Mulan was summoned to receive and deliver a message.

Mulan and Shang had only been married for a short while when Mushu came by to deliver the message to Mulan. The message was short. “You are needed greatly to save not only everyone you love, but everyone you’ve never met. This will be the greatest trial of your life, but before you can know any more you must commit.” With a plethora of questions, she reluctantly agreed.

Mulan, Khan, and Mushu rode out to Tung Shao Pass, the same location where defeated Shan Yu’s ambushing army of Huns. There she was met by a man named “Access” who was there working as an ambassador for Yen Sid. Access told her than he had the ability to take her to a different world, and that upon a successful mission he would have the ability to bring her back. Before being able to say a word, the sky went white in a blinding flash.

When the whiteness cleared the snow covered mountains she was in were gone and she found herself and Khan in a vast vacant room, with a floor that felt as if she was walking on water and a tattoo of Mushu that stretched across her entire body. There awaited the great sorcerer Yen Sid who explained to her that she was needed to lead a team into a battle against an enemy that threatened the lives of multiple worlds.

He continued to say that she should quell any doubt she may have, that he believed she was the only one that could lead the team he was going to assemble, not only because she was a great warrior but because she could relate to the other members on a level that he could not. In the world he brought her to were people with extraordinary abilities, and in order to be able to compete with their abilities he and Access merged her with Mushu, granting her his abilities.

Yen Sid spent the next few months getting Mulan acquainted with not only her new abilities but with the lands she would have to visit to help assemble the team. She asked him how she was suppose to convince her that the warriors were follow her, Yen Sid only comforted her with the thought that all the problem these individuals faced were all connected by one common darkness.

Soon after Access and Mulan began traveling worlds, assembling the team destined to stop the greatest threat any of them had ever known.

#14 Aurora: Awakened.


Her Story:-

Wielding a pair of enchanted arms, forged by the dragon tail of a defeated Maleficent… the once eternally sleeping Briar Rose finds a new place at her throne.

Years have passed since her prince saved her from the cruel fate delivered by the power of Maleficent. The princess grew to realize that there was still chaos inflicting her kingdom.

Aided by the magic of the three good fairies, she spends her time patrolling her kingdom, slaying all that must be slayed.

#15 Megara: She Needs a Gyro.


Her Story:-

The Fifth Installment Megara, tells a tale far after her and Hercules marry. Shortly after their second child, Hera, stricken with anger, plays a foul trick on Hercules that makes him kill his two sons, and almost kill his beloved wife as well. After he’s awoken from the spell, Hercules so ashamed by what he’s done banishes himself.

Megara then makes a deal with Hades, who grants her the power she will need to not only find Hercules, but to get a little vengeance against Hera for what she had done.

I don’t know about you but i really want a movie made about this. Fingers crossed. So what did you think of the art and stories that accompanied it? Comment on below and let us know.