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25 Disney Classics Revamped With Absolutely Creepy Twist That’ll Ruin Your Childhood

A tiny detail can change everything.

Now, you might think little things don’t matter as much. Today however we are here to prove you wrong. You see the following pictures have been revamped with an absolutely creepy twist.

Now some of these twists may be hard to find but your childhood would surely be ruined once you do.  So just sit back and get ready to be creeped out. You will never look at Disney movies in the same way ever again.

#1 A Bugs Life.

A Bugs Lif
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#2 Tron.

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#3 The Rookie.

The Rookie
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#4 The Lion King.

The Lion King
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#5 Song Of The South.

Song Of The South
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#6 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

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#7 Snow White’s Ashes.

Snow White's Ashes
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#8 Pete’s Dragon.

Pete's Dragon
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#9 Peter Pan And Wendy.

Peter Pan And Wendy
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#10 Peter Pan.

Peter Pan
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#11 Frozen.

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#12 Mulan.

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#13 Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc
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#14 Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse
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#15 Aladdin. 

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#16 The Incredibles.

The Incredibles
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#17 Frozen, Elsa.

Frozen, Elsa
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#18 Donald Duck.

Donald Duck
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#19 Cinderella.

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#20 Cinderella and her pumpkin ride,

Cinderella and her pumpkin ride
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#21 Cars.

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#22 Beauty and the Beast, Lumière. 

Beauty and the Beast
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#23 The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid
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#24 Ariel with scales.

Ariel with scales
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#25 The Little Mermaid with legs.

The Little Mermaid with legs
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