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5+ Disney Gay Couples That Will Melt Your Heart

Let the rainbow shine. 

While there is no LGBTQ representation in the Disney universe. Doesn’t mean we can’t make it so. That is why the talented artist Isiah Stephens had re-imagined some of your favorite Princes together.

Now aside from the fact that these illustrations look absolutely amazing, you can clearly see the love these couples have for each other. So, without any further ado, scroll on below and take a look.

Sourse: Isaiah Stephens

#1 Eric and John Smith.

Eric and John Smith
Via Isiah Stephens

Okay this might be an unpopular opinion but this a better couple than Pocahontas and John Smith.

#2 Prince Hans and Kristoff.

Prince Hans and Kristoff
Via Isiah Stephens

So did Prince Hans finally come out and give up his evil nature?

#3 Aladdin and Li Shang.

Aladdin and Li Shang
Via Isiah Stephens

Aladdin here looks quite content.

#4 Tarzan and Hercules.

Tarzan and Hercules
Via Isiah Stephens

These two make a perfect match.

#5 Flynn Rider and Naveen.

Flynn Rider and Naveen
Via Isiah Stephens

What is up with Flynn’s face?

#6 Prince Philip and Milo Thatch.

Prince Philip and Milo Thatch
Via Isiah Stephens

A nerd and a jock, as heartwarming a story as ever.

Which one of these couples were your favorite? Do you think their relationship would workout if this was truly canon? Comment on below and let us know.