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10+ Disney Guests & Employees Share The Worst Meltdown They Have Witnessed At Disney World

Disney World Is Not Perfect.

Yes, I know it is known as the most magical place on Earth. That doesn’t however make it perfect. That will be clear to you once you read the posts below.

You see someone asked a very important question “What is the biggest public employee meltdown you have witnessed?” Following are some of the best answers.

#1 No Ketchup.

No Ketchup

A guy was standing in the beverage and condiments area screaming that it was bullshit that there was no ketchup… but there was ketchup and he was less than a foot away from it.


#2 She Was Fucking Goofy!

When I was 14 I saw a heated argument between Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck. She was screaming at the top of her lungs “WHY ARE YOU TELLING MICKEY THAT I’M CRAZY?!?!?” and he replied “I DIDN’T SAY YOU’RE CRAZY I TOLD HIM YOU WERE F*CKING GOOFY!”


#3 Free Gift Cards.

I was an intern at Disney for the College Program. It was from January to August of 2012. I worked front desk at the Riverside hotel. A gentlemen came up to me and asked if he could exchange his gift cards for cash because he was checking out that day. I had to explain to him that we do not exchange Disney gift cards for cash. He did not like my answer and went into this tantrum.

He said something along the lines of, “F*ck Disney World! F*ck you! F*ck this stupid hotel! F*ck your stupid parks! And f*ck these stupid gift cards!”

He then proceeded to throw the said gift cards at my face and stormed off. My fellow cast members looked at me to see if I was okay. I commented, “Just smile and nod”. I ended up keeping the gift cards (2 cards $40 a piece) and treated myself and a friend to a nice dinner. It was an interesting start to a Tuesday.


#4 The Angry Driver.

The Angry Driver

On my honeymoon my husband and I did the safari ride, which, if you don’t know, involves a lot of cheese acting from the part of the “driver” and a lot of attempting to get the riders involved in the story, which (at least back then) was about saving a baby elephant from poachers.

Fun if you care, really stupid if you don’t. Well, that day no one on the ride cared and it was obvious. Every time the driver tried to get a reaction people just stayed silent, or gave half-a**ed replies. Eventually the guy just got pissed.

Then he started being passive aggressive, and by the end of the ride I honestly expected him to just scream “GET THE F*CK OFF MY RIDE YOU A**HOLES!”I hope the rest of his riders that day were in better spirits because otherwise the poor guy probably had a stroke.


#5 Cotton Candy.

My favorite memory was when I was on the college program working in Downtown Disney at Candy Cauldron and we closed. 15 minutes later, we are counting the money and shutting down the registers and stocking everything when a women tried to open the door and we gestured that we are closed.

All of the sudden she starts bawling in front of our door screaming, “I just want cotton candy!! I just want cotton candy!!!”


#6 My Kids God Dammit!

My Kids God Dammit

I was once on Indiana Jones when the ride broke down and stopped. They eventually had to have people get out of the cars and walk out to do the repairs. They were trying to do it in an orderly way- emptying one car at a time and escorting guests out.

One lady was separated from her kids (2 kids probably around 7 or 8) – they were in the car in front of her so they were exiting first and she had to wait. She was NOT having it and was full-on freaking out. Screaming and trying to undo her seatbelt and go over people to get out of the car. “THOSE ARE MY KIDS. I NEED TO GET TO MY KIDS. YOU CANT DO THIS” etc.

They were trying to assure her that they would have a cast member wait with the kids and it would only be a couple of minutes, but she would not calm down. After a minute or so of that, some Disney security came out of some hallway and escorted her and her family away through another hidden door. Her family looked humiliated.


#7 Veronica.

A guy asked me if I spoke Spanish. I said no and was about to go find a cast-member who did when he started screaming at me “Veronica Spanish name!” (we have to wear name badges).

He was very upset about me not speaking Spanish and being named Veronica…


#8 A Bratty Kid.


One that sticks out the most for me was working The Jumping Jellyfish. I was checking belts before I started the ride. I look to my left and see this punk a** little girl running on top of the rocks and over the gates and trying to sit on an empty seat.

I look at my co worker and he’s looking at me to start the ride. I unlock the gates and tell the girl to get out and get back in line. I even told her it’s not safe and to be patient. While we rechecked belts. I see a furious mother coming towards us and I’m just thinking.

F*ck my life. Any who the mom proceeds to yell at me calling me a racist and ruining the magic. I just looked her dead on and said.“Are you done?! First of all your daughter is running around climbing rocks and jumps over the gates and tried to get on the ride when I was about to start it.”

“My job is to make sure people get on and off the ride safely. They’re not paying me to watch your kids. Before you go off calling me all these names look at the example you’re setting for your child. You’re killing the magic. Now get over yourself. And enjoy the fucking ride.”


#9 Andy Is Coming.

Andy’s toy’s got pissed at me once. I kept following them and yelling Andy’s coming, this is when they would fall when you said it. They called security on me and kinda attacked me. I was not lying Andy was coming since you know that is me.


#10 Lifeguard Had Enough.

Lifeguard Had Enough

I was at the water park there one day with my friend and her family (my family went off to enjoy themselves elsewhere.) We were in one of the pools when the lifeguards make an announcement that everyone needs to exit the pool. (I think it was the wave pool, but I cannot remember.)

Everyone got out of the pool expect for a group of older kids; I’d place them late teens/early 20s maybe. Lifeguards ask a few more times for them to get out nicely. I know the group heard the announcements.

They looked right at the lifeguards and laughed. Finally, one of the lifeguards had enough and said, “Look you snot-nosed brats, either get out now and be allowed to stay in the park, or don’t get out, forcing me to get in after you and drag you out of the park by your ears.”

It quieted everyone by the pool down. The group did get out though, and I assume weren’t forced to leave the park.


#11 Murder Scene.

My sister used to work at Disney world in Orlando so we would go a ton as kids. Once while leaving the park we all were loading into that people mover train and this 400+ pound guy and his family tried to cut the line and physically threw my mom to the ground when she was climbing on ahead of them.

If my father was there at that moment there would have been a murder in that parking lot.


Murder Scene

#12 The Love-Struck Chef.

I was a low tier College Program worker and one of the higher up chefs developed a crush on me. This dude was way too old for me and would say sh*t like “Did you know I’m still a virgin?” or “So I’ve had a girlfriend before, but she would be mad if she knew I called her my girlfriend.” This was never mid conversation, just out of no where. So one day he asks me to be his girlfriend (like, middle school style) and I said no.

He seemed cool until two hours later when he cornered me in the kitchen and started uncontrollable sobbing on me and yelling at me that it was crazy that I didn’t want a boyfriend because he would do anything for a girlfriend and on and on.

He caused a huge scene and another chef literally had to pull him off of me. This happened a bunch of times with different girls every few months, and they never let him go for it.


#13 Quitting In Style.

Quitting In Style

While working in one of the locations where they use a lot of chocolate someone wrote on the counter in the back “I quit” all in chocolate and walked out.


#14 The Pissed Off Employee.

I saw an employee freak out in downtown Disney. It was about 9:30pm and there were massive crowds around the bus terminals with people wanting to go back to their hotels. The buses don’t have much room to squeeze by each other so there were employees directing traffic and herding sheeple onto buses.

My boyfriend and I got on the bus first and tool seats at the very very back. As more people got on, an employee kept telling everyone to move back. No one listened to him. Everyone standing continued to ignore him and carry on conversations. There was plenty of space too for people to shuffle back into, but no one would budge.

He then started to tell everyone the bus wasn’t leaving until he got on at least 20 more people. A few people tired of waiting on the bus started to yell back him to let the f*cking bus go etc etc. This went on for about ten minutes.

People outside started yelling at people inside, the guy yelling at people to move back, and people telling him to shut the f*ck up. Finally, he had enough and yelled back, “Fine, leave you f*cking a**holes. I hope this bus drives off a f*cking bridge and you all f*cking die!” Ride back was completely silent.


#15 The Earthquake.

The Earthquake

We had a pretty good earthquake about 2 years ago so they evacuated everyone to safety zones. I was with a friend who was an employee so we went to one that’s less crowded by autotopia.

There was an employee that he recognized there having an absolute meltdown and yelling about how “her life didn’t matter to those f*cks”. She was majorly freaked out.

Apparently when the quake started people in line tried to turn and run out of line and she got knocked down until a coworker managed to yank her out of the crowd.


#16 Had Enough Of ‘Butterfly Kisses‘.

At the holidays, Christmas music played non stop. I worked backstage and weird hours, sometimes until 1am. Around 11 pm one night, the burliest co worker I had snapped after all the holiday music when “Butterfly Kisses” came on the radio.

He ripped the radio out of the wall, cursed the song and music, and just continued on.


#17 Employee Snapped.

Employee Snapped

I witnessed an employee meltdown when I took my friend to Disneyland. It was my bro’s birthday and he said he never went, so I took him. There was this employee supervising the busiest ride (we were in line, too). The look on his face showed his impotent rage.
Anyway, the line is moving fairly quickly.

Then, this lady (next in line to ride) halts the line. Her husband and four children step in next to her. Three of the children are holding food items (popcorn, slushies, etc.). The employee (his nametag said Dave) says “Sorry ma’am, no food or drinks allowed on this ride.” That’s understandable, right? You can’t be gorging on popcorn on a ride.

Dave then tells this lady that only one of her children (the one that wasn’t stuffing his face with popcorn) and her husband can go. She has to watch her kids and they have food.

The lady has a f*cking meltdown. Yelling and screaming at the guy for a manager. This goes on for five minutes before a manager comes in. While the manager talks to the lady, Dave starts letting people on. The husband starts yelling at him for letting others go on. Dave has had it.

He then proceeds to scream: “YOU KNOW WHAT? F*CK THIS JOB! I’D RATHER CLEAN THE BATHROOM AT TACO BELL THAN DEAL WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU! F*CK DISNEYLAND! F*CK CHILDREN! AND F*CK YOU!” Dave walks off after throwing his name tag on the floor.