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This Disney Illustrator Infused “Star Wars” With “Calvin & Hobbes” And The Results Are Too Cute!

Brian Kesinger (previously here) is a visual artist who has worked for Walt Disney Studios for over 16 years, but his work outside of the movie business gets fans going just as much as his animation. This time he has created a magical mashup universe, putting a Calvin And Hobbes twist on everybody’s favorite Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters, and it works perfectly.

“Being a kid in the ’80s I was raised on a steady diet of Disney, Star Wars, and comic books, so being able to work on so many amazing films and projects has really been a dream come true,” Brian told The Verge. Kesinger admitted admiring Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin & Hobbes deeply. “I was always amazed at how he could draw anything from cute stuffed tigers to ferocious dinosaurs piloting fighter jets. His inking style seemed so casual and loose and yet the drawings were so solid.”

“I’m not the first to mash-up Calvin & Hobbes with pop culture,” the artist who has worked on Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, and Tarzan said. “[but] I think the difference here is that I went a little deeper with the idea. Once I really made the comparison that Kylo Ren was probably a difficult child much like Calvin, it really resonated with people. The metaphor was solidified when I made Darth Vader Kylo’s imaginary friend.”

Check out his amazing artwork here:

Not the Carbonite You Were Hoping For

Not the Carbonite You Were Hoping For



Blame it on Leia!

Blame it on Leia

Carrying on the Legacy, eh?

Carrying on the Legacy

How About You Don’t Talk About That, Ben?

How About You Don't Talk About That

The Hat Listens!

The Hat Listens



Quite a Connection!

Quite a Connection

Not Again!

Not Again

Rey Got No Chill!

Rey Got No Chill

And They Do!

And They Do

Wrong Universe, Yoda!

Wrong Universe

Is He Now?

Is He Now

Such Dreams!

Such Dreams

One for the Vader!

One for the Vader

Does She Now?

Does She Now

A Father Will be a Father!

A Father Will be a Father



Such a Li’l Schemer!

Such a Li'l Schemer

Parents Will be Parents!

Parents Will be Parents



Baymax With His Hugs!

Baymax With His Hugs

That Lack of Trust is Disturbing!

That Lack of Trust is Disturbing

You Will!

You Will





BB-8 Ain’t His Game, Rey!

BB-8 Ain't His Game

Damn it!

Damn it



Poor Thing!

Poor Thing

That’s Actually Quite Creative!

That's Actually Quite Creative

It Doesn’t Work That Way!

It Doesn't Work That Way

That Didn’t Work Out Well, Did it?

That Didn't Work Out Well

Nice Try Though

Nice Try Though

That’s Well…..Goals!

That's Well

Humble Beginnings!

Humble Beginnings

Who Shot First?

Who Shot First

The Twosome!

The Twosome

K-2SO With His Logic!

K-2SO With His Logic

On to Yoda!

On to Yoda

Quite Possibly it Did!

Quite Possibly it Did

Poor BB-8!

Poor BB-8

Blame the Wookie!

Blame the Wookie



Mom’s Mandate!

Mom's Mandate

We Now Know Who Shot First!

We Now Know Who Shot First

That’s Adorable!

That's Adorable

Very Funny!

Very Funny

Mistletoe…..Wait, What?


Starkiller Base in Action!

Starkiller Base in Action

More Like “Nooooooooooo!!!”



Pika Pika!

Pika Pika



The Duo!

The Duo

Even Han Couldn’t Handle Episode 1!

Handle Episode 1

That’s So Cute!

That's So Cute

What!? Why???!


To Infinity and Beyond!

To Infinity and Beyond

The Love!

The Love

So Sweet!

So Sweet

Block by Block, We Build!

Block by Block

Damn You, Nerfherder!

Damn You

Pew! Pew!






The Lego Story!

The Lego Story

The Dynamic Duo!

The Dynamic Duo

You Chose the Wrong Wookie to Mess With!

You Chose the Wrong Wookie to Mess With

The Quest Continues!

The Quest Continues

Like Father Like Son!

Like Father Like Son

Ride Up!

Ride Up

And One More of the Family Chips in!

And One More of the Family Chips in

The Mandate is Clear!

The Mandate is Clear

So Do We!

So Do We

And the Fun Begins!

And the Fun Begins

That Must Hurt!

That Must Hurt



Put Simply!

Put Simply



Come on, Chewie!

Come on, Chewie

Not Sure About it, Though!

Not Sure About it


All Images Courtesy: BP

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