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5+ Disney Inspired Makeup Looks That’ll Make You Look Twice

These makeup looks will indeed make your jaw-drop. 

And you will get the pun once you take a look at the pictures below.  You see, talented British makeup artist, Laura Jenkinson, loves to create amazing makeup looks that take a second look to understand.

Some of these are quite cheeky and funny while some are genuinely incredible. In her own words, that I agree 100% with, “Everyone loves anything Walt Disney related.” So this is your daily Disney dose that you so desperately need.

You’ll forget about ordinary lip-art after this. Following are some of her best Disney inspired makeup transformations.

#1 Goofy. 

#2 Bugs Bunny. 

#3 Chip. 

#4 Genie. 

#5 Ursula. 

#6 Captain Hook.

#7 Jafar. 

Comment on below as to which one of these lip-arts were your favorite.