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10+ Disney Moments That Are Oddly Satisfying For The Eyes!


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Disney as a tendency to be perfect in all regards.

But did you know that there are several moments in Disney movies that are really “Oh-So-Deliciously-Perfect”?

Well, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a few of them for you.

Check them out below!

1. Mulan’s seamlessly painted lips.

Mulan’s seamlessly painted lips

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2. And her one long, sweeping line of eyeliner.

And her one long

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3. Snow White’s flawless crust-trimming.

Snow White’s flawless crust-trimming

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4. That crisp, clean Arendelle ice, all chopped in blocks.

That crisp, clean Arendelle ice

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5. Woody’s smooth, freshly painted boot sole.

Woody’s smooth

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6. Madame Medusa’s slow, satisfying eyelash peel.

Madame Medusa’s slow

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7. And Rafiki’s model finger painting.

And Rafiki’s model finger painting

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8. Cinderella’s taut ball gown bow.

Cinderella’s taut ball gown bow

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9. Miko’s comfortingly intricate braiding.

Miko’s comfortingly intricate braiding

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10. Fauna’s gentle, though ill-advised, dough folding.

Fauna’s gentle

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11. And her magically pristine pouring.

And her magically pristine pouring

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12. Mulan’s skillful bun-tying abilities.

Mulan’s skillful bun-tying abilities

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13. Snow White’s infamous apple fitting perfectly in the Evil Queen’s basket.

Snow White’s infamous

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14. Scuttle blowing all that sea gunk out of a snarfblat.

Scuttle blowing all that sea gunk out of a snarfblat

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15. Merlin’s artful, uniform dish stacking.

Merlin’s artful, uniform dish stacking

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16. And their bubbly scrubbing session.

And their bubbly scrubbing session

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17. Cinderella’s seamstress properly threading a needle.

Cinderella’s seamstress

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18. And The Three Fates snipping a tightly pulled thread.

Three Fates snipping a tightly

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19. Alice’s perfectly poured half cup of tea.

Alice’s perfectly poured half cup of tea

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20. Stitch’s exact oven-sized cake.

Stitch’s exact oven-sized cake

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21. And of course, the most perfect fit of all.

the most perfect fit of all

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What are some of your most favorite Disney moments?

Be sure to share them with us in the comments below!